Typing Lessons: Tips On How To Type Faster

Typing is quickly becoming a required and standard skill and here’s how you can perfect it!

Almost every industry is gradually shifting into the digital mode. That would mean that a large portion of people’s careers involve working on the computers. Naturally, upgrading your typing skills would help you become more efficient in your professional sphere. However, one cannot be expected to have fast and accurate typing skills without receiving proper training or without regular practice. Knowing your keyboard and the placement of every key on it is a necessary skill you should possess. Here are a few tips on how to type faster and accurately for that matter!

Know The Correct Position For Your Hands

It is extremely important to know the correct position in which your hand should placed on the keyboard before you start typing. Keep the lower side of your palm firmly placed on the board with a little flexibility. Make sure that your fingers are on the home row of the keyboard. That means, your left fingers should be over the ASDF keys and your right hand over the JKL and the semicolon/colon keys. You thumbs should be right over the spacebar. This way, you can easily access all the neighbouring row keys with just slight movement of your fingers. Remember that your hands should always come back to the original position. This method will help you in getting to know the keyboard and soon you will be able to type even blindfolded!

Keep Your Eyes On The Screen And Not The Keyboard

Typing is almost like driving. While you definitely need to take a look at the staring wheel at some point, your major focus should be on the road and the rear mirrors. Similarly, in typing, make sure that you don’t keep looking down at your hands. Surely, mastering this technique might seem a little difficult in the beginning but with proper practice, you will soon get a hang of it. It will also help you in memorising the positions of the keys on the keyboard and you will type faster.

Maintain The Perfect Posture

Sit upright with your back straight while typing. Maintaining the right and proper posture makes typing a lot easier and eventually faster. For best results, sit at a work desk and on a chair with a straight back instead of slouching or working on the much loved couch.

Urbee Sarkar

A content writer by the day and hardcore Netflix enthusiast by the night, Urbee believes the world to be a story, a ‘tour de force’ in the making. A blind supporter of coffee, she spends her time with her face buried in books on most days when she is not writing. On the other days, she strums her favourite songs while secretly planning for her next trip into the mountains. Urbee is a lit post-grad who has worked as a feature writer for digital media firms and believes the content industry to be her calling.
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