Uggs Are Officially Back: Here’s How To Style Them In 2023

If you have been a fan of Uggs, now is the time to enjoy them in style! Here is how to pair them with all your clothes.

UGG Boots are the newest fashion accessory from the early 2000s. The classic slip-on shoe has received a fresh makeover for the year 2023, making it a perfect fit for laid-back winter fashions like #cozycore and #cabincore. With the introduction of new boot types including platform UGGs, slipper style, and their new Ultra Mini, you now have an abundance of options for putting together outfits that make strategic use of the synergy between classic and modern fashion trends. UGG boots in 2023 aren’t only for lounging, après-ski, or working out. You may dress up the UGG boot silhouette for the day or night by wearing it with a dress, a skirt, or wide-leg pants. Need some fresh winter necessities or a new dress for the office? Meg Gallagher, a personal stylist based in Los Angeles, offers wardrobe consultations and styling services.

The power of monochrome

Even when paired with a more laid-back boot shape, a monochrome ensemble conveys sophistication and class. Gray, chocolate, black, navy, or ivory from head to toe is a lengthening and slimming choice.

Pair Them With Wide Bottom Pants

Wear your UGG boots towards the workplace with a pair of baggy pants. The trick to pulling off this style is to maintain a relaxed silhouette by layering lightly and letting your pants droop out over the top of your UGG boot.

Pair a Skirt with Uggs

For a fun and flirty appearance, try pairing your UGGs with a mini skirt and some chunky scrunch socks. You may achieve harmony by combining a boot silhouette with a short skirt and a pair of chunky tights or leg warmers to fill up the gap.

Wearing Ugg Boots with Jeans 

Wearing wide-legged denim over her UGGs is the method to go, whether your jeans are cropped or puddle on top of your boot. Browse these pictures to see how to pair your UGGs with several types of jeans, such as mom jeans, slim-fitting jeans, flare jeans, single-leg jeans, and more.

Wearing ugg with a dress

A pair of UGGs in a suede finish looks great with any kind of sweater dress, whether it’s a maxi or a mini. This outfit is elevated by the introduction of a trench coat and a massive scarf, which adds texture and changes the proportions significantly. Maintain your place at the forefront of the legwear trend by adding a pair of tights to your ensemble.

Wear Ugg Boots with Loungewear, Lounge Pants, and Sweatpants

These tips will help you look and feel great in your athleisure and loungewear. This off-duty outfit is kept looking modern and put-together by the combination of black leather boots, a double-breasted coat, scrunch socks, and other contemporary details. Classic sweatpants and two-piece sweatsuits with UGGs are a terrific choice for casual everyday attire, especially when coupled with a structured large coat and carry bag.


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