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Unconventional Sports That Keep You In Shape

Some unknown sports and their advantages

Being physically active and presentable is a must to look good. And a healthy body is always beautiful. People who are very thin or very fat are usually physically ill. The reason for this type of body structure is not only the diet, but all his daily life practices.

Due to the huge advancement in technology, today most of the work in most sectors is done through computers. The amount of physical activity has decreased and obesity has become rampant due to the huge amount of adulteration in food, especially edible oil, and the rise of street food and definitely lack of physical activities.

Also the youth has become extremely addicted to mobiles which has become a hindrance in building normal physical fitness.

In such a situation, regular exercise is absolutely necessary to keep the body in shape. But not everyone is able to do yoga, pranayama, gym, not everyone is interested. In that case it is possible to keep the body healthy and fit through sports. Some of these unconventional sports are discussed below.


It is an Indian game played by usually 12-24 players, divided into two teams. Each team stands in their own box facing their opponents on the other side of the line. One from each team goes to the opponents’ box and in a single breath attempts to touch as many opponents as possible and comes back. The opponent then tries to capture that player in their box. One who succeeds, gets a score.

Kho kho

This is usually played by 6-12 players divided into two teams. This game is almost like kabaddi, just there is a pole which is used for a specific pattern of the game.

Both the sports, Kabaddi and Kho Kho, require very hard physical work.

Playing with coconut

It is a traditional game usually played by Indian villagers. People use coconut as  football, volleyball, and rugby to play games. They play with this during the rainy days, in heavy muddy land.

Underwater games

Underwater games like underwater volleyball, riesling, and water polo are very helpful in maintaining body shape. Firstly, water pressure upon the entire body helps to burn more calories and creates more pressure on the body fat. Hence body fat gets reduced fast.

Besides, cycling, skipping and other regular health activities do contribute to building a well shaped body.

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