Underrated songs of Alisha Chinai you should listen in solitude

Alisha Chinai is an Indian singer who started her career with Bollywood songs but soon turn to independent music which gave her recognition and fame. She has a melodious voice and is known for her beautiful style of singing.

Here are some of the underrated songs of the singer that deserve more recognition and applause.

DilbarJaaniya – Alisha Chinai is known as pop queen of India. It is because she gave many beautiful songs in the genre long before anyone else. Her albums are a mix of western music and Indian music. The tempo used in the song DilbarJaaniya will remind you of many country songs but the song has an Indian feel to it. It is an underrated song which talks about the longing of love and separation. Needless to say, Alisha has sung it beautifully and you can feelemotions in her voice. This song did not receive the appreciation is deserves because the other songs of the same album became a rage. You can watch the stars at night while listening to this melodious song.

KaateNahiKat’te – Alisha Chinai is an evergreen singer. She has lent her voice to some of the very popular songs. From Kishore Kumar to Zubeen Garg, she has sung alongside various singers of different era. This song was her career’s breakthrough song. It got popular because of Kishore Kumar and was received well by public but it is Alisha’s beautiful vocals that you should listen in the song.

TinkaTinka – This song will bring the childhood memories of people who have listened it at the time of its release. The song is composed by Vishal and Shekhar and has sung by Alisha Chinai. Vishal Dadlani has penned the lyrics for this one and it received much appreciation from critics and music lovers. TinkaTinka is perhaps the only song that Alisha Chinai and Vishal-Shekhar did together because after this, they got into a tussle for some unknown reason. TinkaTinka has a soulful composition which is brought to life by Alisha Chinai with her mesmerizing singing. This song demands your complete attention and it has potential to transform you into a magical world.

DilTu Hi Bata – The duo of Alisha Chinai and Rajesh Roshan holds special importance in music. It is because it is the veteran composer who gave her first break in Indian music industry. Their last outing together was in Hrithik Roshan starrer Krishh 3 which is not known for its music and songs. However, this song deserves your special attention as it is not a kind of song you listen daily.

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