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Understanding Brand Identity Prism

One of the valuable models of making business more successful in this era.

Brand identity prism is considered as one of the most well-known marketing models, which are often referred to as Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism, which is hexagonal in shape and represents the six key components that finally make up a brand image or identity. The key elements of brand identity prism come with physique, culture, personality, self-image, relationship and reflection.

Understanding brand identity

Brand identity is made up of values and your communication pattern of the product or service that people provide to their targeted customers. Also, brand identity reflects the personality of the business as well as making a promise to targeted customers.

Creating brand identity guidelines

There are basically nine steps to build an identity of a brand more intensely which are segregated as setting a goal for your desired brand, defining users, choosing a suitable format, determining the useful contents of brand guidelines, gathering necessary elements of brand identity, defining specific rules and assembling the guidelines.

Things that should be included in a brand identity package

The average brand identity package also includes some of the following things that need to be gathered while understanding the structural configuration of the prism. Business cards, flyers, folded brochures, letterhead, convention displays and email templates are a few or some important things that need to be included while making brand identity through a prism.

Measurement and identification of brand identity as well as image gap

Measuring the gap between perceived brand image and communicating brand identity by the members of the channel as well as consumers. Also, it has been found that brand marketers mostly communicate with targeted customers and make them aware regarding brand identity as well as communicate in the same way to the members.

Brand relationship based on brand identity prism

The relationship among brands is based on branding, which is one of the important factors that resembles the idea of prism and its associated factors. However, we all know that brand relationships have traditionally been positioned among different companies. As technology is getting advanced therefore making identity based on that has become more compatible. Some research studies or the scientific community believed that brand reputation is highly dependent on brand identity; henceforth, a good brand identity is basically dependent on management.

 So basically, positive brand identity is dependent on good management of a particular brand, and one also considers the factors associated with brand identity prism. Are you trying to build brand image in this competitive market? Firstly, get familiar with the brand identity prism to build up good brand management.


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