Unexpected Side Effects Of Camphor

Camphor has been used for centuries because of its wide variety of practical applications in the home. Some people even believe that it’s good for health. But do you know that camphor can have extremely adverse effects on your health?

Throughout the year, camphor and camphor oil are used for various reasons, from relieving dry cough and congestion to soothing skin irritation and peeling. Despite its usefulness, employing camphor does require some caution. Furthermore, they require precise dosages to prevent undesirable side effects.

Potentially Harmful Effects of Camphor

Chapped Lips

Over time, camphor consumption might lead to cracked and dry lips. It’s typically prescribed for soothing skin irritations. However, it can cause severe dryness of the lips if taken too often. Itchy, flaky skin develops on the lips. See a doctor immediately if your lips are dry because of an allergy to camphor.


When used in excess, camphor can cause skin irritation and redness. Rash-like red bumps appear all over the body. These rashes are often uncomfortable and irritating. The itching and agony produced by such rashes at home can be pretty trying.

Eczema rashes

Camphor can cause eczema, a skin ailment. Excessive dryness of the skin, swelling of the eye area and other sensitive face tissues, discomfort, irritation, and flaking are all symptoms of eczema. Unfortunately, this is a severe skin problem that can’t be treated at home. It requires emergency medical care. Camphor is not a food item. Only apply it to the external body parts. It is hazardous to put camphor on skin that has been cut or peeled. If taken even in small amounts, it can cause severe illness.

Toxic effects

Even in modest doses, camphor may be fatal to children and hazardous to adults. Hepatotoxicity from camphor use is a severe risk. It causes irreparable harm to the liver (hepatic) and rapid death.


An immediate chemical imbalance in the brain can be brought on by camphor. This causes convulsions. This is a hazardous reaction to camphor. Due to the potential for epileptic seizures, using camphor in any form should be avoided.

Breathing Difficulties

Similarly, camphor may wreak havoc on one’s respiratory system. It can cause a severe medical emergency for newborns and young children. You should never give them camphor if they have bronchitis or asthma. Camphor poses a significant threat to children since it promotes respiratory depression and chest congestion.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

People with Parkinson’s disease should avoid camphor at all costs. There’s a chance it might harm nerve cells.

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