Unexplored historically rich places in India

These hidden gems will make you both curious and wonderstruck

India is known for its history and rich culture. A history of thousands of years is clearly showcased from all the great historical monuments and places here which are famous all over the world. But apart from the well-known proofs, there are also many hidden, unexplored jewels that are needed to be known. So here are some of the lesser-known historically rich places in India that everyone should know about.

Rabdentse ruins in Sikkim

Founded by TensungNamgyal the 2nd king of Sikkim in 1670, Rabdentse is a place that was the second capital of Sikkim and it remained so until 1814 A.D. Today this mysterious gem: the monastery and the ruins are conserved by the Archaeological Survey Of India. Though it is open for the trek and can be reached by Jalpaiguri. The place is surrounded by dense thick forest and a beautiful pond, a 2 km trek from the monastery will take you there. It is also one of the oldest monasteries of the city Pemayangtse.

Unakoti in Tripura

Dating back to the 7th and 9th centuries, Unakoti is full of Rock carvings and murals. It is said that the name Unkoti came from the number of cravings it has that is less than one crore. Apparently, the cravings over the rocks were built by a mason to please Lord Shiva and Parvati and he swore to make one crore sculpture in a night but he couldn’t and was one short by the day. Although the mythological story is a bit different, it says when all the other gods and goddesses could not wake up in time Lord Buddha set out on his path by himself cursing the others to be turned to stones

Basgo in Leh-Ladakh

A place of serenity, calmness and tranquillity, this is a long lost place in the mountains in westernmost Tibet. Basgo is a town situated on the bank of the Indus River in Leh district which has half-ruined temples and a fort built on precipitous cliffs. Basgo was a very important cultural and political centre in the region as it was the seat of the royal ruling family Namgyal. Apart from the fort, there are also three temples that are dedicated to three different forms of Budhha and the goddess Maitryi.

Rosary Church in Karnataka

A place straight out of a gothic novel, Rosary Church is one of the unexplored wonders of the country. Dated back in the 1960s, Rosary Church in Shettihalli rests on the banks of Hemavathi River near Hassan. The church is a fascinating piece of art that was built by French Missioners which is known for its mysterious nature. The most astonishing fact about the church is that it is found submerged during the rains and emerges again once the water has receded. It is among the most endangered historical places in India.

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