Published By: Sohini

Unhealthy escapism and its impact on Life

Now and then, we all require a break. We would all become exhausted if we only paid attention to our current situation.

Escapism is the propensity to run away from or disregard one's feelings or realities. It results from a desire to avoid unpleasant emotions like boredom, stress, loneliness, melancholy or fear. When their current reality becomes too demanding or unpleasant people who utilize escapism as a coping strategy usually try to escape it. Escapism is of two types such as healthy and unhealthy.

What is unhealthy escapism?

Escapism taken to the point where it becomes a habit is bad as it drives you to do something unhealthy. You start to run from reality and the obstacles that stand in the way of a better existence. It has an impact on both professional development and interpersonal relationships. Putting yourself into a situation which does not let you bring out your best version or impact your lifestyle and also others who are associated with your life.

Impacts of unhealthy escapism on your life

Psychosis and denial

Denial-based escapists frequently reject societal standards, hold steadfast personal beliefs and occasionally experience isolation. Sometimes you can be trying to avoid a certain diagnosis because you think it's awful and you don't want to admit that you might have the condition. This denial could result in inadequate disease management, which will ultimately make things worse than you could ever imagine.

Escapism can be caused due to various factors such as it can be professional and personal both. Escapism can be caused by denial of a loved one’s death, which frequently results in psychosis, which is characterized by a distortion or loss of reality and is frequently accompanied by hallucinations, delusions and disordered thoughts and behavior.


Escapism or the desire to run away from thoughts or feelings, can lead to procrastination.


Sometimes vice addictions provide a false sense of relief. The most commonly abused substances are alcohol and drugs, which are typically used as a way to overdose on reality. Abusing drink and drugs gives you the ability to dissociate from your true, unaccepted self.

Increasing screen timing

The continuous scrolling through your phone produces hypnotic effects. People start to consume the posts and advertisements that the algorithms have created for them while navigating in a trance-like state. The smartphone’s 2” by 4” screen draws our attention away from our daily lives, which pushes people to flee and give in.

Want to escape and deal with the hardships? Choose the healthy path of escapism and not the unhealthy one where you might end up with negativities.