Unique dog breeds to own

Do you agree that dogs are the most unconditional and loyal animals in the world? If yes, then read on to find out about the most unique kind of dog breeds…

No argument in the fact that dogs have been friends of us human beings for centuries now. Dogs came from the species of gray wolf and foxes and became hunting partner, protector and a friend to humans. There are different varieties of breeds on the basis of their characters and the intelligence. Moreover, dogs are the most unconditional and loyal animal which will be your friend and protector at a same time. They are mainly adopted on the basis of their characteristics, some are very calm and friendly and some are very intelligent and protective and they will be ready to kill a person if their human friend is getting harmed by somebody. So here we are going to discuss some unique breeds of dogs…

Pharaoh hound – This hound dogoriginated in ancient Egypt. Pharaoh hound is a unique breed and has many special characteristics. In fact, its aerodynamic ability gives them speed in the rocky terrains and also makes them muscular. These dogs are very good in emotional expression and 100 % trustworthy to their owners. Studies show it descended from Bronze Age hounds. The cost Pharaoh hound puppy would be between 3000 to 7000 dollars.

American Pit Bull – Many believe the American Pit Bull to be an extremely dangerous breed. But the truth is when these dogs are raised with proper training and socialization, the American pit-bull can be very loyal and affectionate to their human beings. Every aggressive muscular dog breed’s behavior depends on how they grow up. The main characteristics of the American pit bull are strength, confidence, and their high level of intelligence and this is the reason they are top in all games.

Azawakh- Originated from ancient West Africa, the name azawakh came from the Azawagh Valley which is the region this breed of dog is from. They have a slim and well-designed structure and their eyes are shaped like almonds. Due to their origin and their physique, they thrive in hot climate. For years, Azawakh has been a guarding dog breed and a friend of the tribes. While owning one may cost you some good money, you will not regret having them as your companion in life!

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