Unknown Facts of the show “The Good Doctor”

Tale of a young doctor with autistic symptoms and his everyday walk of life…. “The Good Doctor” has many unknown stories and folds which are bound to leave you awestruck.

The American medical drama, “The Good Doctor” has garnered quite a significant popularity among the thriller and medico genre series lovers across the world, but little do the peeps know, that this series is actually based or perhaps a remake of a South Korean series of the same name, released initially in the year 2013. This article illustrates several such unknown facts about the popular show “The Good Doctor”, which is worth a read for every Dr. John Murphy fans.

Freddie Highmore once refused to be Dr. Murphy

Just soon after finishing off with “Bates Motel”, Freddie Highmore was pretty determined not to return with another long-running series. However, it was the story of Dr. Murphy and the nuances of the character which enthralled him to take part in the show as a lead and later instilled with confidence by the showrunner David Shore.

Dr. Aaron Glassman and  Debbie Wexler, are real-life couple

Not many of us knew that Debbie Wexler and Dr. Aaron Glassman is actually a real-life married couple. Surprise right? Actors Sheila Kelley and Richard Schiff have been married since 1996, and had shared the same frames with similar relationships in the medical drama “The Good Doctor”. Plots and story development surrounding them within the Bonaventure Hospital has served as a spice to the show.

To strengthen the show’s message, the show also hired actors with autism

Being central to the theme and spectrum of autism and people with similar conditions, the show didn’t fail to reflect the same in hiring casts to the show as well. Many of the cameos within the show actually had autism symptoms in themselves, which strengthens the message of awareness revolving around the show.

Lea Dilallo was actually signed for a mere 2 episodes

The popular face of the show, Lea Dilallo, played by Paige Spara, was actually scripted to have fewer appearances in the show with only two episodes allotted for the character. However, as the story developed, the director and showrunners felt to sidetrack a bit from routine medico dramas towards bits of romance. The built romance and chemistry between Dr. Murphy and his neighbor Lea Dilallo truly gifted the audience with a surprising twist of taste within the show. Quite quickly, Lea Dilallo garnered much more attention, and Paige Spara pretty much got blessed with significance in the show.

These were some of the lesser-known facts about the show “The Good Doctor” which unfolds and sheds light outside the happenings of the drama and within the reel and real-life characters as well.


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