Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Unsolved Mysteries Decoded

Do you love mysteries? I certainly love them, when they get decoded!

Just like me, even if you like to finally get an answer to unsolved mysteries, then this is a must-readfor you. Scientific tools have now been able to solve mysteries, and investigators have been able to provide solutionsto puzzles around the world. Yet, there still are many people who do not want to believe in the proofs given by researchers. But you certainly don’t have to be one of them, as here you’ll find the three most interesting mystery cases being solved. 

The secret of the Bermuda Triangle

There probably is no single person reading this, who has not heard of the Bermuda triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle. Well, still for those who are not quite aware of it, the Bermuda triangle is an area of waterbody between Puerto Rico, Florida, and Bermuda, which according to pre-conceived ideologies, has some sort of gigantic force which causes airplanes and ships to disappear when they enter the area. However, in 1975 Lawrence David Kusche, a librarian cum pilot found by investigating that, the disappearance of the Bermuda triangle mainly happened due to the bad weather and the current the water has, which gallops the airplanes or ships, and sometimes even caused wreckage.

Stonehenge of England

The mystery of Stonehenge said that there’s no evidence that shows how the giant stones were formed in the place.  Scientists have been researching for 400 years, and some even said the stones came somewhere from England’s North Wiltshire. But the decoded version of 2019 says that the stones came from West Woods in Wiltshire. However, who transferred the stones from that place is still an unsolved case.

The moving ‘sailing stones’

The dry lakebed in Death Valley, whichis known as Racetrack Playa, has been a case of unsolved mystery due to the strange on-goings of stones that sailed every 10 years. These stones, weighing 700 pounds seemed to move mysteriously on their own. Intriguing right? Finally, researchers came to a scientific reason for solving this mystery, in 2011. They found that the stones at times get filled with a water layer due to rainfall, which freezes and forms a thin sheet of ice. As the sun rises the next day, the ice melts and the winds when blow across the ice carry the rocks with them. Due to this reason, the stones slide a few inches, which of course is not visible tothe naked eye from a distance.

So that being all about the three mysteries no longer remaining mysteries.