Unusual and Bizarre festivals around the world

Strangest and weirdest festivals that will make you scratch your head

People are different around the world and so are their beliefs and celebrations. And festivals are a great way to showcase that. Where some festivals came out of religious rituals or cultural events, others emerged because of marketing experiments or boredom. But whatever may be the case people have found out ways to celebrate in unique ways. But where some festivals became world-famous and inclusive there are also some festivals that are strange and bizarre for most of the world. These four festivals are among one of the rarest and strangest ways of celebration and have earned the name of the strangest festivals in the world.

  Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race

This festival is unique to the UK, Yorkshire Pudding Boat race is a race where a particular type of pudding is made for racing across Bob Pond’s in the village of Brawby to reduce the sogginess as the giant Yorkshire puds are first coated in yacht varnish. It takes eggs, flour and milk  to make a Yorkshire Pudding.

The Baby Jumping Festival

 Locally known as El Colacho, this age-old Spanish festival is celebrated during the feast of Corpus Christi which happens 60 days after Easter. This religious custom has existed since the early 1600s , where the babies who were born over the last year are absolved of sin. During the festival, men dress in traditional “devilish” clothes and terrorize the crowd before running down the street and jumping over the babies who have been carefully laid out on pillows.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Celebrated in Cheung Chau province of Hong Kong, this Bun festival is a traditional Chinese festival, where participants race up a tower of buns to grab the highest bun, which is said to bring fortune. This festival dates back to the 18th century and is celebrated on the eighth day of the fourth month in the Chinese calendar every year, which often coincides with the celebration of Buddha’s birthday. According to the official bun supplier for the event, Kwok Kam Kee makes more than 60,000 buns for the festival. The highlight of the event is three 60-foot bamboo towers covered in buns, which are scaled by three trained men.

Monkey Buffet Festival

Monkey Buffet Festival is a festival celebrated in Lopburi, Thailand. In this festival, a buffet is served to the monkeys of that area. The population of monkeys in the Lopburi Province north of Bangkok is quite huge, around 2,000-3,000. The festival was first run by a local businessman in 1989, who thought this was a good way to drive up tourism in Lopburi. Each year in November the monkeys here are treated with a feast of 4,000 kilograms of fruits, vegetables, cakes, and candies.  The youths are also dressed up as monkeys and perform dances after the monkeys are served their treat.

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