Unwritten Rules of Countries That Tourists Should Know

Rules either written or not should be followed especially when you are a tourist!

Every time we explore a new place traveling overseas, we have a rewarding experience. But do we ever realize that there must be some rules we are required to follow when we step into a new country? We get involved in traveling so much that we at times overlook these rules, which might get us in trouble, if not followed. Let us have a look at some of them.

In Australia do not ever try to put on the Australian accent. It’s hilarious for them and you’ll just be a matter of joke and nothing else.

When in Scandinavia you should not talk about religion. If you have one is good for you but never ever bring the ‘religion’ topic or discuss it in public.

In Finland, people do not go for small talk. It’s not that they are trying to be rude but they don’t generally prefer people who do small talk.

If you are in England never ever try to jump a queue. You could be in serious trouble for doing so.

During your visit to Mainland China if you pass by a shop that sells wreaths don’t go buying traditional Chinese silk cloth no matter how beautiful they might look. These clothes are not for normal people to buy rather they are for the dead and the shop is a shroud shop. If you end up buying one from the shop it would be a horrifying scene to find a foreigner wearing Chinese silk cloth made for the dead and walking down the street.

On your visit to Denmark don’t try to stand or even walk in the bike lane you might even get run over. Do it at your own risk.

In Brazil, you are not allowed to take off your clothes when you are in public. Yes, you heard that right and for your information, a few tourists have already been arrested for doing so.

When in Japan you must go to people who go to you and this is the minimum courtesy rather than a rule that was followed by every citizen of the country. So it is expected from you as a tourist to accept their traditions at least for the days you are visiting the country.

In Germany vendor using an escalator, you are supposed to stand on the right side to allow the passes to pass from the left and it should not be the other way around

On your visit to Singapore, you’ll find people putting a packet of tissue on a restaurant table.  This practice is called chopeing in which a person can chope the table that is reserve table by placing tissues on it.  You might not have an idea about it and tend to take up the table that is already chopped by somebody else, for which be ready to get dirty looks from the locals.

So, which was the least expected rule that you came to know?

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