Use these steam inhalers to get relief from the cold.

Practising steam inhalation at least three times a day relieves nasal congestion.

Of course, we also have air pollution and winter, which causes nasal congestion. But with pandemics taking over the world, people understood the remedial value of using steam inhalers regularly. Having our noses blocked is one of the most uncomfortable situations we face in life. In some cases, it gets cured naturally, but most of these cases require measures. We might rely on OTC medicines for temporary relief, but steam inhalers can be the long-term solution for your condition. But you should always consult your doctor if your symptoms persist or become worse.

We may try using these homemade steam inhalers with kitchen spices and herbs for instant relief.

Add carom seeds (ajwain) and cloves to the boiling water, and inhale the steamfor treating cold and nasal congestion at home. 

The essential oils of these ingredients help clear the inflamed airways by loosening the mucus. Also, carom seeds and clove added steam inhaler helps treat chest congestion and sinusitis discomfort.

Steam therapy using mint leaves (pudina) decoctions is one of the effective ways to treat nasal inflammation. 

The menthol content in mint acts as an expectorant. Therefore, it loosens the mucus from the lungs, cures sore throat and provides relief against congestion by opening the nasal tract. In addition, the minty smell and anti-bacterial properties of mint leaves serve as an ideal ingredient for inhalers and balms.

An effective measure to treat respiratory conditions like sinus, asthma and nasal congestion has to be eucalyptus steam therapy.

Most of us are familiar with the eucalyptus smell from Vicks VapoRub- it was strong, and soothing which provided instant relief from nasal congestion. Similarly, when we add eucalyptus oil to the steam inhaler, it reacts with our mucous membranes. In addition, it helps treat stress, remove exhaustion, rejuvenates, eliminates lactic acid and ease muscle pain.

Ajwain, tulsi and turmeric added steam inhalers are some of the best household tricks to treat respiratory congestions. 

These ingredients are rich in anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. As a result, it strengthens our immune system and improves respiratory health. Also, it provides relief against cough and cold.

The anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of rosemary essential oil improve the respiratory condition.

Therefore, rosemary serves as a herb having various health benefits. It provides help to clear out lungs, fight respiratory infections, colds, flu and treat bronchial asthma. Also, rosemary is a vital herb for people suffering from water retention.

These are some beneficial homemade steam inhalers to fight cold and other respiratory problems. Always consult your doctor in case symptoms persist or get worse.

Orna Ghosh

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