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Usefulness of Scissors in our Daily Life

Go get some good blades!

A simple yet so much useful tool that is found in each and every single house is a pair of scissors. When it comes to daily life needs, every person has their own kind of needs depending on their interest, profession, necessity etc. Some tools are independent of these criteria and are important to many people. Scissors are definitely one of them.

Tool From The Past: A Sweet Invention

Scissors are believed to be invented about 3000 to 4000 years ago in Egypt. The idea was the same as a version of scissors which is still in use. Two sharp bronze plates joined with another “U” shaped bronze piece is the idea of the first ever scissors. Then the Romans created the pivotal version of it for fine haircuts. There are many modernised versions of this simple tool for different purposes.

Art And Craft: Lets Cut Some Papers

Anyone with an interest in craftsmanship has scissors in their accessories. From children to experienced artists everyone uses scissors for their work. Creating fun origami, school projects, book binding, model making, decorating to create something complicated with paper, cloths, threads, foam sheets and many other things, a pair of scissors is something you must use.

Tailoring: Scissors are irreplaceable

Everyone knows that tailors are helpless without a pair of scissors. But in our households, we use scissors on our clothes too. A quick repair work, cutting off something unnecessary from our clothes needs a pair of scissors.

Daily Need: Scissors, Day to Night

It's an essential tool for the barber but we use scissors for moustaches, beards etc. at home too. A pair of scissors is essential at almost all repair work. From fixing a cloth to mending a shoe, fixing an issue in a book or a copy, cutting a rope, using cello tapes we use scissors.

Versatility: The variety in use

Leave aside surgical uses, we use scissors for cutting some gauge, cutting bandages for casual medical needs. It's used to cut packets of literally anything used in our houses. Plastic sachets are everywhere from food packets to study accessories, delivery packaging, daily groceries and what not. This is definitely a handy tool that everyone needs.

Although, using scissors is safer than using knives or single blades. Modern age technology only focuses on need and usefulness with less danger and more security. But scissors are not so new in this world, but they are a part of our daily life. So go grab your own pair of scissors.