Valkyries – The Story from Norse Mythology

Enormous beauty with incredible strength, more than a Goddess – that is a Valkyrie.

 If you turn the pages of history, specifically in mythology, you may find so many inspiring and strong women characters. Among them Valkyries are undoubtedly exceptional figures found in Norse mythology. We are familiar with Odin, Thor and many other heroic figures of Norse Mythology to some extent. But Valkyries are a group of women who held so much power, even Odin the God of War acknowledged them and gave them a specific power. The power to choose who could join Valhalla after their death in the battlefield.

Nature: Apart from Beauty

Norse Mythology is mostly known because of its twisted plots. It was designed in such a way where they treated God as a being not almighty. In this era Gods had drawbacks, pain, death even conflict among family. They had to eat, breathe and fight to live. Valkyries were one of them. They were fierce, strong and had the power to choose a slain. They had a frightening demonic nature in the beginning, as time passed, they became soft and started falling in love with human men.

Battlefield: Fought Along Others

In Norse mythology as you all know Asgard was the most powerful place among all the realms. Odin always tried to keep the balance and peace between everyone by using every possible method. But battles and wars were always a part of autocracy. Valkyries had taken part in those fights along with other men and it was their job to figure out who has achieved the right to go to Norse heaven. Not only they used to do their job but also, they fought for Odin more capable than anyone.

Beauty With Brains: Decision Making

Their main focus was to select the warriors who were worthy enough to be a part of Norse Heaven. The selection was made on the basis of the sacrifice or war strategy or maybe because of using a specific kind of magic which would remain even after the battle is over. The Valkyries made sure that they reached Valhalla with full respect.

The Process: After Ragnarok

After the selection process was done, they had to wait till the Ragnarok to occur during which they could stand with Odin and reach Valhalla. So, the main work was completed by the Valkyries with maximum attention.

Conclusion: The Woman

Norse Mythology has always portrayed strong women figures throughout their stories. Valkyries were the figures of strength, beauty, wisdom and mainly women. They presented the best version a woman can achieve.

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