Valorant terminology every player should know

Riot Games’ Valorant is not just an epic FPS experience but also fraught with terminology all aspiring players should be familiar with.

Valorant is cool. What’s even cooler is the truckload of terms mature players throw around while demolishing their opponents in this First-person-shooter games. If you’ve ever watched professional players stream Valorant, few words they use can leave noob players clueless. Sure, you can improve your aim skills before you delve into the competitive arena of this games. Knowing the correct terminology will not only help you dodge a bullet (quite literally!) but also prove effective to your whole squad and have a flawless round.

Few terminologies in Valorant players explained.

Jiggle Peek: Jiggle peek is to quickly peek out side-to-side to get whatever information one can and immediately return to cover. Can also be used to bait out shooters.

Ninja Diffuse: Also known as fake diffuse, ninja diffuse is usually done to faking to diffuse the bomb and drawing out players from hiding. It is dependent on the audio cue and the players turn aggressive trying to take out the planters who are attempting to diffuse the bomb.

Bunnyhop: Also known as b-hop, it is an advanced technique that allows you to mix up movement to move slightly faster than sprinting.

Double up: Double up can usually mean to position with an ally, or to add additional defenders to a site where there is usually one.

Play for picks: Attackers spread out to the entrances trying to lure aggressive defenders and abilities before deciding how they want to go about playing.

Re-frag: Immediately get a kill for a kill. If one of your teammates gets killed by one of the opponents, killing the player that shot your friend immediately Is a re-frag.

Cubby: It is usually a corner or a nook where players can wait for the opponent to cross their path.

Entry Fragger: A duelist characters typically, a character that is the first one to entering in. They don’t have to have the best stats; they enter by getting the first kill while entering.

Tap the bomb: Another technique to bait out the attackers. Tap is the bomb is starting to defuse the bomb and then immediately stopping to look for approaching attackers.

Heaven/Hell: Heaven/Hell callout for places on the map where verticality is played on. Heaven is an elevated spot from where firing can take place. Hell is the ground below heaven. Defenders can secure both heaven and hell to set up snipers early in the game.

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