Varying Handwriting Patterns And How They Shed Light On Your Personality

Handwriting can reveal a little something about a person. Read on to know how handwriting can help you understand a person better.

Love baring your heart out on a piece of paper? Well not just what you write, how you write has to say a lot about your personality and state of mind. Like no two fingerprints are the same, no two handwriting are the same either! Graphologists can find out a lot about your behavioural traits and significant parts of your personality that might otherwise be difficult to know from your handwriting.

Here are some handwriting patterns and how they throw light to your strengths, weaknesses, inner turmoil and personality. Nevertheless, this procedure is not the only way to judge a person!

Words without sufficient space in between

If a person is cramming words one on other, the pattern often points to rushed mental state. That person’s mind is through a lot of turmoil. It is a good idea to check on these people and ask him how they are feeling. Large space between letters on the other hand means the person is feeling distant.

Words that are smaller than average

People who tend writing microscopic letters are detail-oriented and take care of smaller things in life. They are highly introspective by nature and well organized.

Letters slating upwards

People whose letters tend to slant upwards when writing on a white sheet of paper while closing a sentence often represent highly ambitious character traits. Experts say this can also be a sign of arrogance.

Heart or circles over “I”

We all have that friend who loves to scribble a heart sign or a neat circle over each of their “i” or “j”.  It might look like the person pays attention to every letter he writes and is excitable by nature. But the habit can grow on them and can be a symptom of OCD.

Rounded letters

Rounded letters might look like a handwriting style but it signifies the person is emotional, warm-hearted and expressive by nature.

The perfect style of writing

If the person is writing just the way a typewriter would type a letter that means the person in ‘conventional’ and ‘conforming’ by nature. This person loves to be guided and is obedient

in executing orders.

The pointed letter, sharp writing

If the handwriting of a person has sharp edges like long ‘t’s and ‘l’s as if they have been blown by a wind, that person has strong analytic skills. That person can often be less social with his peers.

So, next time you want to know a person more, hand him a pen and paper and ask him to scribble something!