Vastu Tips To Remove Negativity From Your Home

Sometimes in our lives, we feel like the world is against us and nothing is working out as we wish. It is important to find positive energy that will help us get through the negative times in our lives.

Vastu Shastra is a great way to eliminate negativity in your home. It can be used to manage the energy in your house. Vastu can create an environment that minimizes or eliminates financial, emotional, and career-related problems. It’s easy to implement, and can often be as simple as repositioning items or changing colours to increase the energy flow in your home.


Sometimes, all you have to do is arrange furniture to improve the flow of energy. According to professionals, an open arrangement that doesn’t block access is ideal as it allows energy to flow freely through the space.

Facilitate better air circulation

It is important to open your windows daily, even if only for a few minutes, in order to keep indoor air fresh. Even in winter, you should open the windows. Let the sunshine in.

Don’t collect too many things

Although we all love to collect things, stop and think – do we actually need them? A peaceful home is one that is clean and well-organized.

Peaceful nature

Positive energy is carried by plants and flowers, so incorporating them into your home can be a great way to add positivity.

Salt therapy

Salt can be used as a room cleanser to remove negative energy. Concentrate on dark corners and spaces that lack natural light or ventilation. You can place a bowl of sea salt in these areas to absorb the negative energy. After 48 hours, the salt can be thrown away.

Mirrors can be used to decorate

Mirrors are Vastu tools that can be used for removing defects from an area. They can also be used to reflect light and make an area seem brighter. Mirrors can absorb negative energy, but they can also reflect it back. Seek the guidance of a professional. Avoid placing it in front of the main entrance or in a place where your bed gets reflected.

The bed’s placement matters

Vastu states that the location of a bed can affect rest and relaxation. It is important that the bed’s head does not point towards the north. The headboard should be located in the east so your feet face west when you lie down.

The entrance

The entrance to your home is where the energy flows into the surrounding areas. Make the entrance a positive space. Use beautiful accessories and flowers to decorate the space.

Fragrant air

To increase the positive energy level in a space, you can use aroma oil diffusers and arrangements of fragrant flowers.

Keep your home clean

Cleaning your home often can be a great way to eliminate negative energy. The scent of cleaners can not only remove dirt and dust but also create a relaxed atmosphere.

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