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Vegetarian Goan cuisine to try

Don’t worry; vegetarian food in Goa includes a wide range of foods in addition to hamburgers and salads.

Seafood has always been associated with Goa. All establishments in Goa, from luxury hotels to seaside shacks, are renowned for their non-vegetarian cuisine. Did you know, though that vegetarians can still indulge in a wide array of regional specialities? Well, the only foods we are familiar with are our seafood platters and pork or chicken prepared in the typical Goan manner whenever you plan to visit Goa. What about vegans though? Delectable and lip-smacking Goan food is a combination of Portuguese and Konkani culinary traditions. Goan Hindu cuisine is mostly Lacto-vegetarian and surprisingly similar to the Saraswat cuisine from which it originally descended.


Simple Goan curry known as Sorak pairs well with both rice and roti. It is designed especially for the monsoon season. The flavour of the spicy curry is provided by the masala, which is an onion and tomato mixture. Neighbourhood restaurants in Goa serve hot rice and Sorak. It frequently appears in Goan Thalis and buffets at numerous beach resorts.

Moongachi Kathi

The traditional meal Moong Gathi, also known as Mooga Gathi or Muga Gathi, is served in temples. This dish, which uses sprouted green gramme in coconut gravy is a mainstay of Goan cuisine. Moongachi Gathi is regularly prepared in local houses, and during religious occasions, this meal is typically designed sans onions and garlic. It can be served with rice or pooris.

TonDak Pav

Red cowpeas are traditionally used in a popular Goan dish called ToNak or TonDak pav. The gravy or masala made for this dish can be used to make any available beans, peas or legumes. Roti, naan, pav or even biryani are ideal side dishes for this delectable, easy-to-prepare Instant Pot Chanaya Tonak or Goan Dry Peas Curry or Tondak. White peas and freshly ground coconut masala are used in their preparation.

Vegetarian Caldin

This recipe is sure to change your mind if you tend to avoid vegetables and choose cheesy alternatives in your meals. Caldin is common in Goa and is made with coconut milk and a tonne of local vegetables. Freshly sliced green chillies, garlic and a dash of pepper balance the creamy meal. The silky curry will quickly win a place in your hearts.

It is time to dispel this notion, discover the state’s plant-loving side and tuck into Goan cuisine that will satisfy any vegetarian’s ravenous appetite.


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