Vengeful Houses: Houses that were built to spite others.

When human wrath and vengeance gets architectural.

Every town has a house that steals our attention every time we look at it. They are so perfect and fits into the definition of a dream house. But then there are houses that are living testaments of how petty humans can get. These houses are famously called spite houses whose sole purpose of existence is to spite others. These others could be quarrelling neighbours, feuding relatives or even an act of opposition against the government. So, let’s have at some of the most famous spite houses.

InatKuca or Spite house, Sarajevo.

In the year 1878, Austria-Hungary took the reins of the town of Sarajevo and planned to renovate the town. In order to do so, they started making buildings in all the central and prime locations. One of these buildings was a town hall which was to be built on the banks of river Miljacka. But they were met with resistance by an old man named Benderija, who refused to sell or leave his home near the river. But due to immense pressure, he agreed. But he presented the government with a strange wish; he wanted his house to be moved brick by brick on the other side of the river. The old man was so shrewd and true to his word that he overlooked the task by himself and made sure that the government was pissed and bothered by his demand. The house is now a famous restaurant that reminds people of vengeance of an old man towards authorities.

The skinny spite house, Boston, Massachusetts.

The house is the living example of a family feud that became the talk of the town. It is believed that two brothers inherited a piece of land. While one brother went to serve in the military, the other brother took the larger part of the land and built a house there. When the first brother came back from the army, he was filled with rage. So, just to make his brother’s life a living hell, he built a skinny house whose sole purpose was to block out sunlight to his brother’s house. Interestingly, this spite house didn’t even have a front door, so the only way you could enter is by squeezing through a side door.

These houses are testament to the fact that human wrath should be feared because it can take any form to make your life hell, even with bricks and mortar.

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