Vettel’s Car Naming Tradition

Since 2008, four-time Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel has named all the cars driven by him

Sebastian Vettel is a four-time Formula One world champion who is loved for his witty personality. On the track, he is a serious driver whereas off the track; he is a humble fellow who loves to have fun. There are several unique things about Vettel, but in this article, our focus is on the names of his cars. Since 2008, Vettel has named all the cars driven by him so far. In fact, all the cars driven by him had a female name. 

In an interview, Vettel was once asked by a reporter about his car naming tradition to which Vettel had replied, “The mechanics and I believe that the car is beautiful, so it would be wrong to call it Dave (male-oriented name).” For the Formula One fans who are also Sebastian Vettel fanboys, here is a list of the car names by Vettel. 

Julie- Racing for Scuderia Toro Rosso, in 2008, Sebastian Vettel named his STR3 car as Julie. At 21, Vettel’s Julie helped him win his first race for the team. 

Kate- In 2009, Vettel left Toro Rosso to join Red Bull Racing, where he was welcomed by the RB5 car. The car was named Kate by him. However, Vettel crashed with Kate because of which, Kate was given a new chassis in the middle of the season. Vettel altered Kate’s name from Kate to Kate’s Dirty Sister. 

Luscious Liz- In 2010, the RB6 car was named Luscious Liz. However, once again, there was a crash and Vettel changed the name from Luscious Liz to Randy Mandy. 

Kinky Kylie- In 2011, the press thought Sebastian Vettel was dating Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue after the racer named his RB7 car Kinky Kylie. 

Abbey- Nobody knows why, but in 2012, Vettel named his ride as Abbey. 

Hungry Heidi- Sebastian Vettel’s last and fourth world championship was won in this car named Hungry Heidi. 

Suzie- End of Red Bull Racing’s era as the RB10 Suzie car failed to deliver a win to Vettel. 

Eva- A fresh beginning for Vettel as he joined Ferrari and named his first Ferrari car Eva. 

Margherita- Vettel’s second year with Ferrari, where his SF16-H ride was called Margherita. 

Gina, Loria, Lina and Lucilla were the names used by Vettel in the rest of the seasons. In the ongoing season, Vettel’s Aston Martin AMR21 is called Honey Ryder. 

Rohit Chatterjee

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