Video Games - Boon for Your Brain

Still unsure if playing a videogame is right for you? Here are 8 reasons which will intrigue you to be a gamer for sure!

With the advancement in graphics and programming, the gaming industry took a surge to develop the excellent quality games that changed many lives. You don't have to be a trained streamer to love and appreciate these games. Be it action-packed shooting or strategy building team sport, they are enjoyed worldwide and are made to suit age groups ranging from age 5 to.. You name it! The real question is, how a video game does you good? Here are 8 motives why you should not stop the next generation from indulging in the virtual games.

  1. Improves Memory-
It’s true that playing in the open air is good for your health, but visual gaming makes you build strategy and puts you on the test to have an excellent memory. Slowly you are going to adapt to the virtual world in understanding maps, navigating, juggling tasks, and saving your comrades! Slowly your short term memory will start receiving data carefully and patiently for future use.
  1. Spatial Visualization-
Playing 3D games repetitively improves your vision, making you aim at objects irrespective of the distance. Players who have experience will be able to rotate the item better and aim correctly. The perks of playing could be you will be able to park your car in a very tight spot without fear of a scratch!
  1. Improves Your Vision-
One would think videogames destroy your eyes, but on the contrary, people who play video games have a better response to stimuli. They are on alert and can conceptualize better. Distinguishing between colours and patterns and keeping track of your comrades and differentiating them from enemies is what you earn from playing.
  1. Decision Making-
Strategy games make you stay alert on your toes and make decisions quickly. The energizing games help you form tactics in challenging spaces and in an instant. In a study comparing gamers and non-gamers, the gamers could make judgements accurately and in significantly less time.
  1. Problem-Solving-
Studies prove that gamers have a better skill in solving problems than ordinary people. The more strategy unravelling you do, the better you get at cracking codes in a short time.
  1. Elevates Mood-
People have a notion that videogames aggravate you, but the virtual gaming world is a fantastic escape to a different world, lifting up your mood in the process. Once you are caught up in the game world, you will not remember your worldly stress of paying bills and meeting deadlines.
  1. Fitness-
Videogames are no more about sitting like a couch potato with a controller. Some virtual games will give you the workout like on-field games. Few games even monitor your workout and dance moves to help you shape up even at home.
  1. Youthfulness-
There is a beginner’s age at which you should let your kids play videogames, but there is no end to it. No matter how old you are, regardless of your gender, you can always enter the game and choose the avatar you want to. It's your own space!