Vintage Car Museums In India That Paint A Royal Past

Take a peek into the luxurious lives and cars of the historical Indian royals.

The luxurious lives of the Indian royals are no surprise to the common folk. However, it has been quite a few decades since monarchy has been wiped off the face of the country and the newer generations have hardly any idea about the grandeur of the Royal lives. That being said, the elite royals have left behind certain exuberant legacies that remind us of their glorious past. The Indian royals also had quite the taste in automobiles and technology. Interestingly, some museums in India have on display a collection of the luxurious vintage cars owned by the royals.

Heritage Transport Museum

This museum in Gurgaon is one of its kinds and demonstrates India’s transport evolution over the years. The museum has collection of some of the oldest and most classic automobiles along with numerous exhibits that track the history of Indian transport. You can take a look at railway models, rural transport models, two-wheelers as well as models of aircrafts. Besides, they also have a collection of vintage cars that have even been used in the Bollywood industry.

PranlalBhogilal Vintage Car Museum

Also known as the Auto World, this museum has in store a wide range of vintage automobiles and cars collected from all over the world. The treasury of their vintage cars dates back to decades ago and even has a collection of vintage automobiles that had previously belonged to the royal families of India. In this museum, you can find cars like Rolls-Royces, Langondas, Lincolns, Bentelys, Auburns, Fleetwood and so much more.

Manjusha Museum

The museum has on display a wide collection of vintage and classic cars. However, most noteworthy is that it also houses old temple chariots, paintings and antiques collected from the temples across Karnataka. Apart from that it also has vintage cameras and coins from the Mauryan dynasty rule. Coming back to vintage cars, the museum houses vintage models like Adler, Austin, the 1926 Mercedes Benz, a 1926 Ambulance as well as a 1924 model of Rolls Royce just to name a few.

Classic and Vintage Car Collection

The Palace of Udaipur houses this museum that displays all the vintage cars used by the Maharajas of Mewar. Here, you’ll find a gorgeous collection of Cadillacs, a 1946 Buick, a 1959 Morris Minor Hundred along with other classic and vintage cars.

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