Vitamins You Can Include in Diet for Hair Growth

Hormones, genetics, diet, and choices made in life all influence hair growth. Stress and pollution, among other things, can damage a person’s hair follicles and cause hair loss.

The cycle of hair growth is a multi-phase process through which hair grows. During this process, the hair follicles produce new hairs that eventually reach their full length. For these follicles to grow properly, they need a balance of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

As a result, one can increase hair growth by including vitamins in their diet. These vitamins improve hair’s shine and thickness while also supporting a strong immune system. Do you know that vitamins can help maintain healthy hair? You can gradually encourage hair growth by including fruits that are high in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E in your diet.

What Vitamins to Add to Your Diet to Help Grow Your Hair?

Vitamin A-Vitamin A is extremely helpful for growing your hair. Vitamin A’s primary function is cellular growth, which contributes to lush, healthy hair growth. As a result, eating foods high in vitamin A can help one grow their hair out faster. However, people need to be aware that taking a lot of vitamin A can make the scalp oily, which can cause hair to fall out. As a result, you need to talk to a doctor to find out exactly how much vitamin A you should take.

Vitamin A is obtained from dairy products like milk, cheese, eggs, and fortified spreads, which are good sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin B12-Vitamin B12, which belongs to the group of vitamins called the B complex, is necessary for the growth of hair. Vitamin B12 supports the functions of hair follicles in addition to assisting enzymatic reactions, DNA synthesis, and functions of the central nervous system. Hair loss and thinning may occur if this compound is missing. Additionally, biotin, a member of the vitamin B family, aids in hair growth.

Vitamin B12 comes from cheese, salmon, tuna, low-fat milk, and chicken liver contain a lot of vitamin B12

Vitamin C-Vitamin C has a significant impact on scalp health. According to studies, vitamin C helps collagen synthesis, which is necessary for the formation of proline and the production of keratine.

Vitamin C comes from fruits and vegetables like broccoli, black currant, pepper, and citrus are good sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin D-Calciferol, also known as vitamin D, is necessary for the function of muscles, healthy bone growth, and the absorption of calcium. Telogen effluvium, a condition that is linked to stress and causes hair loss, can be caused by its absence.

Vitamin D’s sources are salmon, mackerel, red meat, liver, egg yolk, and other foods.

Vitamin E-Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is soluble in fat. Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties support healthy hair growth and maintenance.

Vitamin E comes from avocados, spinach, broccoli, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and other similar foods that are abundant in Vitamin E.

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