Published By: Shriparna

Wanderlust through titles: Books that make you re-think how to travel the world in future

From books that seek to connect with the planet to publications that examine racial identity, travel literature has become more inclusive.

Long ago, before the advent of electronic media, books has been the window to the world. There are authors who had imagine utopian world with such precision that words turned into visual scenery. But in present times even with lost enthusiasm for travel literature, some titles seek a more meaningful connection with planet Earth by making readers aware about sustainable travel.

Some titles still seek to connect with the world through a deeper understanding of nature. A group of eco-friendly authors is working to raise awareness about the various vanishing species in an effort to encourage readers to connect with the living world.

Zero Altitude: How I Learned to Fly Less and Travel More, by Helen Coffey

Through her experiences, Helen has gained a deeper understanding of the world through her trips into places that are unknown to most people. She also offers practical advice on how to travel safely and efficiently.

The Green Traveller: Conscious adventure that doesn’t cost the earth, by Richard Hammond

In his new book, Richard Hammond talks about how green travel has evolved in recent decades, and how it plays a vital role in the future of the planet. The book is full of practical advice and tips, as well as reviews of campsites that are accessible by public transportation, off-grid accommodations, and places that are involved in citizen science projects.

The Flightless Traveller: 50 modern adventures by land, river and Sea, by Emma Gregg

The book is full of inspirational travel stories that encourage readers to travel the globe without the use of winged transport. In addition to practical advice on planning and budgeting, Gregg also offers a variety of travel itineraries that are ideal for different types of travelers. These include activities, experiences, and destinations that are not commonly visited.

Around the World in 80 Birds, by Mike Unwin

In his book, Mike Unwin talks about his experiences traveling around the world with 80 different birds. He reveals how birds have affected us, and how they inspire scientific discoveries. The book features stories from different birds that have been featured in Unwin's travels. The Travel Writing Tribe: Journeys in Search of a Genre.

The Travel Writing Tribe: Journeys in search of a genre, by Tim Hannigan

Tim Hannigan talks about his journey from Monaco to Berkshire in his new book, which explores the various facets of travel writing. He also asks the questions about the frontier between fiction and fact.