Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Want big business with low investment? Here’s your guide towards low-cost business ideas

A fantastic business may not always require a lot of capital, but is it possible?

An entrepreneur is looking for funding to help him effectively realize his idea. Numerous tiny company ideas demand very little capital. These principles, if successfully implemented, can ensure that the firm thrives and is lucrative. A low-investment company idea is a very appealing prospect. Most people, however, are unsure of what those ideas would be or how they would fit into their overall plan. Come, let's check out these business ideas that do not require huge capital.

Wedding planner

"Weddings are always in style". There is always a market for weddings, whether the economy is flourishing or in a recession. Additionally, weddings might be "big fat Indian weddings" or very intimate affairs. There are many small business financing choices at your disposal for the first capital expenditure that is necessary for hiring people, planning logistics and making other arrangements. Despite the cheap initial investment, if the firm scales, large returns can be realised.

Food catering business

Everyone loves delicious cuisine, and a catering company is always in demand. The cuisine is provided at all celebrations, including birthday parties, weddings, and anniversaries and caterers are in high demand to make sure the cuisine is delectable. All you need for a food catering business is a kitchen and a few staff members to handle the cooking, serving, delivering and logistics. Have you always wished to own a successful chain of restaurants? As a business with a relatively modest investment and significant return, food catering is a good place to start.

Salon, Boutique, Spa

Services connected to grooming, fashion and personal hygiene are always in demand. If you can concentrate on selling and brand alliances after making the initial investment in the shop and raw materials, you are quite likely to turn it into a successful business idea.

Antique business

Opening a small antique store with a variety of vintage furnishings and things will attract customers. If you can locate the right clients who are interested in antiques, running an antique shop can be quite successful.

Ice cream business

Selling ice cream is one creative business concept that creates instinctive flavours by the seasons to draw customers. The ability to experiment with various ice cream combinations in this industry requires a specific skill set and patience.

Take the plunge right away if you have been stricken by the entrepreneur’s bug.