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Want To Stop Getting Sick When The Weather’s Cold? Habits You Need To Give Up

When the weather is chilly outdoors, all you need to do is give up some unhealthy habits to be healthy.

People tend to get sicker way more during the winter seasons. If you are one of these sneezy people, we got you! These are nine things you should stop doing to prevent sickness and have more fun in the cold weather:

Use Nasal Drops Before Stepping Outside

Experiencing chilly weather causes your nasal passageways to constrict. The mucous membranes won’t be able to protect us from microbes or warm the air we breath unless we give them a little “assistance” in the form of nasal drops.

While outside, don’t inhale via your mouth

Taking a deep breath via your mouth does not warm the air or add moisture, which raises the risk of asthma attacks. Breathe slowly and deeply through your nose to avoid this.

Wearing tight clothing and footwear

In cold temperatures, too tight clothes and footwear will cause you to freeze more quickly. Choosing clothing that are a tad looser can assist in retaining your body heat. Also, add layers. Go for woollen scarfs, mittens, thick socks, tights etc.

Have a hot beverage before venturing outside

This enhances your body’s ability to defend itself. On the other hand, it causes an increase in the diameter of blood vessels. Simply going outside into the cold will result in a rapid loss of body heat. Water or something warm like coffee or tea is preferable. Choose warm over something hot if you’re in a hurry and truly thirsty, or you may burn your mouth.

Don’t allow yourself to be hungry when out there in the cold

We must have energy in order to generate heat in our bodies, otherwise we will swiftly freeze. This is why you should eat as soon as you start to feel hungry. To begin with, you should have some food and some hot tea before going out. Go for healthy, calorie-rich foods that will provide you energy and keep you warm.

Before heading outside, apply a thick layer of cream

Dry skin can crack easily if the weather is too cold. And broken skin can get infected super quickly. So, make sure you apply generous amounts of cream before stepping outside. Skip on the water-based creams, go for thick creams that can seal in the moisture and keep the skin protected.

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