Warrior Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Searching for the ‘it’ diet plan that works for you? We present you with the Warrior Diet Plan!

Once you make your mind up about losing weight, there is no going back! You will leave no stone unturned to get that perfect diet plan charted that will help you lose weight effectively. As you try to look for the ideal diet plan that matches your lifestyle and suits your requirements, you get confused with sooooo many diet plans out there! Relatable? Don’t worry! The warrior diet is here to help you! Here is everything you need to know about the diet that will help you get in shape.

This awesome diet was created by Hofmekler in 2001. He is an expert in the field of fitness and nutrition and is based in Israel. The diet involves a type of intermittent fasting that reduces calorie intake over a defined period.

The inspiration for the diet plan comes from warriors who consumed very little food during the day and feasted at night. It is believed that this was the way of improving the way they felt and performed. It also triggers survival instincts and keeps your body fit and on point. Though it does not any have scientific backing and is based on belief and observations, those who have tried it vouch for this diet.

People following the diet fast for up to 20 hours a day and feast at night. During the fasting period, the dieters are encouraged to eat protein, raw fruits and vegetables, and non-calorie fluids.

After the fasting period, people can binge on any food they desire, except for processed food. Food is only to be consumed in that window of time.

The diet followers burn fat effectively and have better concentration, fat burning and cellular repair.

Does It Have Benefits?

Here are some of the benefits people following the diet in the long term have experienced.

Weight Loss

By reducing the calorie intake, the eating pattern improves, and eventually, you will give up on eating more during your feasting window as well. It naturally leads to a lifestyle where you start eating healthy.

Fasting Improves Brain Health

Intermittent fasting effectively regulates the inflammatory pathway that affects the functioning of the brain. It may even help people struggling with Alzheimer’s disease.

Decreases Inflammation

The oxidative stress that are caused due to heart ailment or diabetes can be healed effectively by intermittent fasting. It reduces inflammation and decreases stress.

Improves Blood Sugar Control

Those struggling with type 2 diabetes can consider this as a way of reversing their health condition.

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