Wave Turbines Can Have Climatic Risks! Should we go for it?

There is a new way of making optimal energy but there are worries too.

The noise that the technology creates could prove to be very harmful for the marine lives, plus, there is always a risk of marine lives being struck by the underwater machinery and wings.

Another major concern for the scientists is the fact that employing this technology on an excessive level might even cause the oceanic currents to slow down and have climatic impacts that are beyond the scientific calculations.

This may result in various ways including impacting the oceanic nutrients levels if these currents happen to be responsible for feeding large areas of the ocean with nutrients. It might become a serious issue for marine biomass. If you slow them down, marine ecosystems may collapse and there may be significant dead zones. However, this would only occur if we employed thousands of these turbines all at the same time. This doesn’t pose an issue right now, but it does place a cap on how much we can use subsea turbines.

This does not conclude the issues related to using wave turbines, there are ample other things to consider. For example, the issue of climate change, the effects of which are still unknown. But it is safe to say that the coastlines where these turbines are being planned to be installed will definitely be impacted by the climate change, now all that for the better or for the worse, is tough to say, just now.

How can climate change affect? Due to the thermohaline process being disrupted by the changing climate, these currents slow down as the planet warms. Even while they are capable of producing huge amounts of electricity right now, there is a potential that these turbines won’t work in a few decades when climate change has truly taken hold and currents have slowed to a trickle. In order for this technology to be effective in the long run, we must stop climate change’s adverse effects, as much as possible.

This new technology has much in store for humanity and it is truly about to discover a great new energy source that may be far more environmentally beneficial than any other energy sources or mechanisms of producing energy prevalent previously. Sure, there are some difficulties, but they can be overcome with good engineering and continued efforts to combat climate change. Who knows, perhaps ocean energy will someday rival that of solar, wind, or fusion energy.

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