Ways Energy Drinks Are Hurting Your Body

Getting a boost of energy by sipping on something that comes in a colorful can seems convenient, but there’s a lot more going on under that satisfying pop top.

Consumption of energy drinks is on the rise. While it may seem as something wildly convenient and tempting to get a shot of energy just by drinking something that comes in a can, the truth is they are harming your body more than you think. Companies market energy drinks as beverages that can boost your physical and mental performance in a few sips. However, these energy drinks contain certain ingredients such as caffeine, sugar and citric acid, which when you consume too much of them does you bad. Here are the ways energy drinks are messing up your body.


Caffeine is the one of the major ingredients in most of the energy drinks. Caffeine is diuretic. That is, it increases the water and salt content that your body passes through urine. If taken in a lot of quantity, caffeine causes dehydration. According to most nutrition experts, it has a more harmful consequence for someone who are beginners in consuming energy drinks and have no idea about how to compensate the body’s water and salt content with extra water. Usually, you should not be having more than 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day. However, energy drink manufacturer do not list the caffeine content in their products which makes it shady.

Teeth Damage

Energy drinks contain citric acid which is corrosive in nature and thus damaging for your teeth. The mix of citric acid with the sugar in energy drinks makes it a perfect mix for tooth decay. Once you lose the enamel of your teeth, there’s no going back. Moreover, with the enamel thinned or gone, your tooth sensitivity increases making it more prone to stains and having a yellowish tinge.


The energy boost that you get from consuming energy drinks does not come from any of the major ingredients like taurine, glucuronolactone or L-carnitine that they contain. Instead, the energy comes from the large amounts of sugar contained in the energy drinks. There are about 13 teaspoons of sugar content in energy drinks per serving. A continued use of energy drinks therefore leads to obesity as well as insulin resistance. Moreover, it could also give rise to complications for people with heart diseases and high blood pressure.

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