Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

Ways social media is causing more harm than good

May seems like a blessing at first but is a curse in disguise

Social Media is a phenomenon that changed the whole world. From professional to personal, it has influenced every sphere of life. It has created an impact everywhere, from business to studies to lifestyles. But while it seems like a boon to some, it also came with challenges and difficulties. Over time we have realized that it may have seemed a boon to society but in long run does more harm to it. Turning socializing into addiction is something that causes more harm than good. Where your profession takes the big bucks out of that, you don’t realize it snatches out your personal life too. These are some reasons why social media should be considered harmful to us.

Reduced Productivity and creativity

Social media often made us glued to our phones. A study has found out that we spend approximately nine weeks a year on social media. Which can be easily utilized for something more productive. Along with that it also keeps our thoughts restricted to the internet, giving us less time to think beyond that.

Increases stress

Social media increases all sorts of pressure including peer pressure to anxiety. The continuous pressure of something to upload, to be active, be the perfect version of ourselves, and looking for validation takes a toll on both the body and mind and creates a huge pressure on us.

Most of it isn’t real

Social media is all about being the best version of yourself. Something happening is always going on in life, everyone seems happy all the time with no struggle and difficulties, which is not at all true. Social media only filter outs the nice thing about us but never shows the difficulties and stressful situations of life. Therefore, it can be said that most of it is fake and made up as no life on earth is that perfect.

Promotes health issues

The biggest harm that social media does is to our health. Maybe physical or mental. Sleep deprivation, weak vision, fatigue, headache, obesity, anxiety, etc are some of the diseases, where social media has its share of contribution. Scrolling down the phone has made us less physically active and has led to many health conditions.

Makes you over conscious

Social media has also made us very conscious about ourselves so much so that we seek validations from people who don’t even know us personally. We judge ourselves according to social media standards and feel terrible if things don’t work out that way. In showcasing the best version of ourselves we have lost our individuality somewhere and have become a part of the herd.