Ways to add metallics to your outfit

Its metallics all the way now, from outfits to shoes and jewellery!

One of the major fashion trends that made a comeback is shiny metallic elements in outfits. And we must say, we are truly elated because wearing metallics or incorporating them into your outfits is the best way to add instant glam to your look. Be it shoes, outfits, nails or jewellery; metallics look fabulous when combined with neutral colours. While some may think the trend to be a bit tricky and adventurous, don’t hesitate to try it out in a proper way. So don’t fight your urge to experiment with your everyday looks and try out these tips to add some metallic details to your outfit:

Outfits with metallic elements 

While wearing metallic apparel like shirts, jackets, pants and other garments can be a little overwhelming as it puts you in a spotlight, make sure to not overdo it. Always tone down your garment with metallic elements by pairing it up with neutral colours like white, black, greys and browns.


Metallic jewellery has been around for the longest time and is the easiest way to add that extra oomph to your look. However, don’t exaggerate. For instance, don’t wear a big necklace and earrings together as it would overload your attire. Always match it up with bold makeup albeit avoid wearing metallic jewellery with bright dresses as they can completely ruin your outfit.

Metallic shoes

You all have seen the jewellery, but the next metallic thing to try is shoes. They are stylish and trendy, and guess what? They will add sparkle to your outfit if combined neutral and pastel colours. However, always choose the metallic colour according to your skin tone. Like you have naturally lighter skin, opt for silver. However, with darker skin tones, gold will look perfect.

Metallic accessories

While wearing metallic clothes or shoes can be a bit tricky for some, you can always opt for some beautiful accessories to add that unique style to your outfit like gold or silver belts, and bags.


Another way to add that metallic sheen to your look is opting for a pearly lipstick or classic colours with a metallic gloss. Lastly, you can also check out metallic eye shadows.

Nails and hair colour

You can always go for a metallic nail polish or french manicure and pedicure with metallic nail paint. Lastly, for all the brave ones out there, try out metallic hair colour – bright and extremely attractive.

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