Ways To Add The Vintage Touch To Your Home Décor

The old is the new charm! Adding a little bit of vintage feel to your home could bring a lot of character to your space.

The vintage style of décor is an umbrella term for a wide variety of styles picked up from decades before. What a vintage style does to your home is give it warmth while making it tasteful and diverse. Here are few ways you could add the vintage touch to your home.

Play With Neutral Colors

Neutral colors make up for one of the major elements in a vintage style décor. Blending modern design with a vintage style is almost like a match made in heaven. Use calm neutral colors for your house walls as well as for the furniture and fabric pieces. This will provide a warm and soft feeling that would serve to calm your senses. Bonus tip: you can add a vintage décor piece to complement the neutral colored interiors and that would amplify the character of the space.

Reusing Old Objects

Using old objects in a completely different about is everything the vintage style is about. You can use and reuse old objects, amp it up a little and assign a completely new function to the object. This gives a sense of uniqueness while keeping the old charm of the object intact. You can use any object of your choice –bottles, old books, antique glass containers, old newspapers, old trunks and even fabrics. This will not only provide a new character to the room but also bring an element of personality to it.

Vintage Fabric Patterns

Fabrics play an important part in accentuating the mood or essence of your home. So, if you want to provide a vintage touch to your home, make sure to choose fabric patterns that are a little vintage and in neutral colors. For example floral prints in pastel colored fabric would gp perfectly if you want your home to have the vintage feel.

Mix Your Furniture

Your furniture sets the mood of your house. To give your home a vintage effect, just minor accessories are not enough. Mix your modern furniture with some antique furniture. Add a few rustic pieces in terms of a bookshelf or a coffee table. If you choose to go for a rustic couch, mix it up a little with modern chairs. Mixing it up creates diversity as well as an interesting space.

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