Ways To Do Japanese Minimalism Right

If you are looking to practice minimalism, there’s no better place than Japan to inspire you.

The Japanese have perfected the minimalist way of life and there’s so much we can learn from it. They focus on leading a simple life where they believe less is more. Their way of life is refined, practical and clean. They prefer using natural materials that help them live a peaceful life. Starting from their homes to what they eat, their life is one that exudes peace and has an aesthetic touch to it. What’s more is that their way of life helps them to remain at a relaxed state of mind where stress seems like an unimaginable concept. There are many lessons one can take from the minimalist lifestyle that the Japanese lead. Here’s how you can do Japanese minimalism right.

Believe That Less Is More

Minimalism encourages you into believing that you need only what is required. This keeps the negative energy away from home and avoids clutter. Apply this concept in order to discard anything that is not required in your life. Whatever brings you joy and positivity is what you need. This also keeps a check on your unwanted desires and the tendency to acquire more and more things in life. Materialism is far away from the concept of Japanese minimalism. Whatever bare minimum is necessary to lead a happy and positive life is all you need and the rest will only clutter your life.

Love The Negative Space

For the Japanese, even the negative space is important. The name they have for this concept is called “Ma Ma” that celebrates the space between objects instead of just the objects. Ma Ma, as a concept can be applied to anything in your life starting with music, poetry and even your home arrangement. The Japanese believe that without negative space, there would be utter chaos. In fact, it is the negative space that helps the objects shine. On the other hand, if you have a house that is cluttered, you will find the objects competing with one another disrupting the peace of the home.

Follow A Simple Diet

The Japanese eat as simple as they live. They eat in moderate quantities and their food is healthy and simple. You will not find the Japanese snacking before or after meals. They eat only what is required. A healthy gut means healthy you!

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