Ways to find joy alone during the Holiday

No time to wallow, ‘tis the season for some self-care.

Holiday season usually means togetherness, joy, great food and some friends and family time. Extensive home cooked meals, everyone cozying up near the fire, some eggnog, gathering of every loved ones in one room, presents, more good food are what the holiday season better. Some are lucky enough to experience this every year while some aren’t so lucky.

You find yourself physically away from loved ones in the holiday season and tied down in different place, it is bound to make us sad. There’s little joy in holiday season if not spent with your close friends. It is natural to feel lonely you are celebrating the holiday season all lone for the first time.

But there are ways to cope ad find joy during the holidays.Sure, you will cook a meal for 1 and being in your jammies all day seem tempting, but before you begin to wallow, here are some ways to keep your spirits (pun intended) up.

Acknowledge you are alone this holiday

Prepare yourself that you will be alone this holiday. Keeping yourself busy with work might seem tempting as it distracts from the fact you are alone, but try and keep the distractions healthy.

Follow the tradition like you do any other year

Does your family have a special recipe for the holiday? Try it out. Consult the family cook and try it for yourself. Keeping the traditions alive will not only keep you busy but make you feel closer to home.

Or you can always create a new tradition

Anything that you can do every year. Since the holiday season is about joy, volunteering at a local shelter or giving meals to the homeless could be the new tradition. Or it could be something simpler: like inventing a new holiday meal maybe a cookie.

Keep your body active

Get some exercise. Working out releases chemicals in the brain that make you feel better. Feeling down? Take a hike. Quite literally. A brisk walk, a run, do some yoga, or pushups or sit-ups. Even a 15 min working out connect the body with mind making you feel better.

Stay involved with video calls

Stay connected with your closed ones by video calls, thanks to technology. Missing out the family get together? Call them up. Even have them set you down when the fun games start. You can even partake in the games.

Don’t forget the holiday decoration

Deck up the living room with holiday decorations, maybe a Christmas tree, some fairy lights. If you feel there’s no point, shake it off. Creating a similar visuals contribute a lot on feeling at home.


As a pursuing scholar, Sanjukta lives her days reading research papers and lifestyle articles. When she is not pursuing academics, being a noob at video games keep her busy. She believes in equality and a healthy mind over anything else. She doesn't mind having a day-old pizza as breakfast. A hardcore caffeine head.
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