Ways to increase lung capacity

Truth: Like every other part of the body, lungs age too. Let them age with grace.

Our thrive to fitness mostly surrounds around the muscles and getting in a better shape. In the long ride in the fitness journey, we often forget lungs are as essential to our body. Even if there are no lifestyle habits to challenge the functionality of our lungs, it is important to regularly exercise them to keep them fit. Lungs are only used at 50% of capacity throughout the day.Also, with time they lose their strength and flexibility. It is therefore essential to keep them working optimally to have best functioning lungs for life.

Here are some ways to increase lung capacity.

Lung capacity can be easily increased with exercises. While exercising, we breathe harder, making the lungs work harder. Body needs more oxygen to fuel the muscles and lungs step up to provide the needed oxygen. The air sacs in the lungs expand faster and better while exercising, to turn oxygen into carbon dioxide. Exercising regularly promotes great lung health. Even if you contract lung diseases in the future, a healthy lung will have better chances to fighting against it.

Diaphragmatic breathing is yet another way to promote healthier lungs. Also known as belly breathing, in this breathing process, the abdomen rises and falls with each breath. Diaphragmatic breathing strengthens the abdomen which in turn makes the lungs work out more efficiently. To do the exercise, place one hand on the stomach and another on the chest and breathe in as deeply as you can. Make sure when you breathe, you are engaging your abdomen muscles.

Pursed lip exercise is yet another way to promote better breathing and healthier lungs. Sometimes stale air gets trapped in the lungs which makes fresh or new air to be inhaled by lungs. Pursed lip breathing helps in getting rid of the stale air by keeping the exhalation way open for longer. To try pursed lip exercise, inhale through the nose slowly and exhale through pursed lips even slower. The point is to exhale twice as long exhaling than inhaling. If inhaling takes 5 seconds, exhaling should take 10 seconds.

Avoiding pollutants in the house: Exposure to pollutants in your own home is inviting an assassin to kill your lungs. House should be as free of pollutants as possible.

Home should be a smoke-free zone no matter what.

Furnitures should be dusted at least twice a week.

If you own pets, make sure their fur is cleaned off of the furniture. Furs can irritate air channels.

Make sure to ventilate your home every now and then.

Invest in exhaust fans.

Make home free of mold.

Take care of your lungs. They will take care of you in the long run.

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