Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Ways to keep your long-distance friendship alive

Breakups hurt? Well, have you ever had to let your best friend go away in another city? No pain above that!

Imagine having a long-term best friend, and one fine day you suddenly hear about their shifting to another city. You get scared, nervous, and anxious about how can you maintain your friendship if you don’t see them ever after 2-3 days. So, just like us, if you are also worried about how to keep your long-distance friendship alive, then keep following this article to learn the basic tips. If you follow them, we guarantee no one can cause a rift in your bond (not even your partner).

Understand their schedule

Not always will you or your best friend be able to call back or text on time. Because you know, they have gone out for work, and you also have your personal work, so it’s quite obvious that none of you will get time to instant call back after seeing a missed call every day 2-3 times. In that case, instead of being angry or upset at them, you need to understand their perspective and give them time. And, of course, once they get time, they’re definitely going to call you, after all, who else can be their best gossip partner?

Keep networking

Even if you can maintain daily calls or texts, ensure that you keep networking by sharing reels on Instagram or by sharing relevant memes personally. If both of you keep following this networking ritual, you’ll know you have not forgotten each other, and it’s them with whom you can share those funny off-beat memes any time of the day.

Videocall often

While this might not be possible for every best-friend duo, but still why not try it? Video calling enhances your bond to some next level, and if you get a chance, video call them whenever you feel like it, be it in the office or somewhere else. We’re pretty sure your best friend would do the same. Even though they might not be able to pick up when busy, at the end of the day, when you both finally get time, talking with each other will ensure that your bond is still going strong.

Send their favourites

Although being materialistic cannot help much in maintaining a bond, but when it comes to foodie best friends, it surely does. If you and your best friend love food, you can send them their favourite dessert, or savoury, which can uplift their mood. You’ll see how overwhelming it can make them, and they, too, will understand that no one takes your place in their lives. Well, as we know, the key to “anybody’s” heart is through their stomach.

So, without being much anxious, let’s try these steps and make our friendship a happily ever after story!