Ways To Protect Yourself Against Mosquitoes

Here is how to protect yourself against mosquitoes.

Mosquitos are a pesky problem no one likes to deal with. Fortunately, many remedies are available that could help protect you against mosquitoes and the issues they can often bring with them. Here are a few ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

1 Lemon and eucalyptus oils

A natural mosquito repellent can be an effective way to keep mosquitoes at bay. When looking for this kind of product make sure you find quality products that offer long-lasting protection. You should also find products that contain lemon and eucalyptus oils. They can have healing properties.

2 Peppermint

Peppermint essential oil contains loads of healing properties and can be an extremely effective treatment to tackle mosquitoes. To make your own remedy with it, add a few drops of the oil to a cup of water. Add the combination to a spray bottle and shake well. Peppermint not only works to keep mosquitoes away, but also helps you smell fresh.

3 Rosemary and sage

If you are enjoying a nice outdoor party, mosquitoes can really ruin the evening. There is a simple way to keep them at bay. Burn a few sprigs of rosemary and sage. You can also place some out in your veranda in the evenings when you spend time out there.

4 Garlic water

If you don’t want to purchase expensive products, you can make your own remedy. All you have to do is mix garlic with water. Spray the mixture on the outdoor light bulbs. The way this works is that the bulbs give off a garlicky aroma when it heats up. This keeps bugs like mosquitoes away from your home. Test it out to see if this works for you.

5 DIY spray

Keep a spray handy with you, especially if you are someone that is more prone to a mosquito bite than others. You can make a DIY bug spray with all-natural ingredients. To make this treatment, you will need to chop one onion and the head of one garlic. Mix the ingredients before you add to four cups of water. Add about four teaspoons of cayenne pepper to the mix. You should also add one tablespoon of any liquid dish soap you have available. Mix this combination well before you spray it around your home outdoors. Store this blend in a cold and dry place. It will last for at least a week.

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