Published By: Ishani Karmakar

Ways To Treat Yourself Like A Queen

It's normal for daily living to be challenging at times. But look at you, you're alive and well and fighting back! Go you!

If no one ever actually acknowledges your efforts, you might as well start doing so. Do yourself a favor and treat a lady like yourself like royalty. Rightfully so!

Don't Forget to Relax and Recharge This can be challenging, especially if your schedule is already packed with things like work, appointments, social events, and household chores. Here's the catch, though: if you really can't spare an hour for yourself, then you really, really need to. Because if you don't give yourself at least an hour every day, you're spreading yourself too thin and something's likely to give. You should lock the door, log out of any social networking sites, and switch off your phone.

Sleep in and have breakfast This might be difficult to accomplish logistically if you live alone, but if you make overnight oats the night before, boil some coffee, and grab some sugar-free juice, you'll have everything you need for a lazy Sunday morning in bed. You may eat the nutritious breakfast you've been craving, read your favorite publications, catch up on social media, or watch a reality show you'd typically feel guilty about viewing.

You deserve a day at the spa or salon Naturally, you provide your best effort every day when you wash, tone, and moisturize. Yet, you have to admit that there are moments when it feels like work. Set up a whole day on the weekend to do nothing but relax while you have a facial, massage, blowout, manicure, and pedicure.

Make something a part of your daily routine that you can anticipate with excitement There are some for whom this is their first cup of coffee of the day. Some people look forward to taking a shower after a long day at work, while others look forward to going for a run when they get off. Do something that will make you feel productive and/or at ease. It need not be a huge thing, and perhaps you are already engaged in this practice. Simply being cognizant of it and treating it as your own personal daily ritual will put you in a much better frame of mind as time draws nearer, especially after it has been completed.

Spend Some Time in a Majestic Tub A bathtub is a luxury, but not required, for a royal bath. And you might be wondering, "Just what is a royal bath?" In this shower or bath, you will find nothing but the finest amenities. Instead of soap, use oil to wash your body, exfoliate all over, and finish off with a thick layer of moisturizer.