Weird Makeup Trends That You Will Not Believe Existed

From the outlandish to the downright bizarre, here are some weird makeup trends that you will not believe actually existed.

Makeup has always been a means of self-expression and enhancing one’s features, but sometimes beauty trends take a strange turn. Throughout history, we’ve witnessed some truly bizarre makeup trends that make you question what people were thinking.

Feathered Eyebrows: In 2017, social media exploded with the trend of feathered eyebrows. Instead of the clean, defined look we’re used to, people began gluing small feathers to their eyebrows to create a feathery effect. While it was undoubtedly unique, it left many scratching their heads in confusion.

Fake Freckles: Freckles are often seen as cute and endearing, but in recent years, people started using makeup to create fake freckles. With specialized pencils and stencils, individuals painstakingly dotted their faces with artificial freckles to achieve a natural, sun-kissed look. It was certainly an interesting trend, blurring the lines between natural beauty and cosmetic enhancement.

Glitter Beards: Beards are often associated with masculinity, but in 2015, a peculiar trend emerged—glitter beards. Men across the globe started coating their facial hair with glitter, transforming their beards into a sparkling spectacle. While it may have added a touch of whimsy to their appearance, it’s safe to say that this trend didn’t stick around for long.

Nose Hair Extensions: Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, nose hair extensions hit the beauty scene. This trend involved gluing small, artificial eyelashes to the inside of the nostrils, mimicking the appearance of nose hair. While it may have been an attempt to be quirky and unconventional, it’s safe to say that this trend didn’t catch on for obvious reasons.

Metallic Lips: Metallic lips became a huge trend in 2016, with people applying lipsticks and lip glosses that gave their lips a metallic sheen. While metallic makeup can add a futuristic touch, some shades were so bold and reflective that it looked like wearers had dipped their lips in molten metal.

Heart-Shaped Blush: Blush is meant to add a subtle flush to the cheeks, but in 2018, heart-shaped blush became a thing. Makeup lovers started applying blush in the shape of hearts on their cheeks, creating a whimsical and unconventional look. It was undeniably cute, but perhaps not the most practical trend for everyday wear.

While experimentation and pushing boundaries are essential in the beauty industry, these weird makeup trends definitely took things to the extreme. Whether you find them fascinating or utterly bizarre, one thing is for sure: these trends will go down in history as some of the strangest moments in the world of makeup.

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