Weird Valentine’s Day traditions across the world

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, but it’s also a day of some pretty weird traditions. From Japan to Finland, people celebrate the holiday in all sorts of strange ways. Here are some of the weirdest Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world.

In Japan, some women give chocolate to men who they want to “punish.” The tradition is called “giri-choco,” and it’s seen as a way to show obligation rather than love. In Finland, Valentine’s Day is called “Ystävänpäivä,” which means “Friend’s Day.” On this day, people celebrate their friends, not just their romantic partners. In France, it’s traditional to give your loved one a book on Valentine’s Day. The thinking is that the book will keep your loved one entertained for hours on end. In Wales, some people celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving their loved ones wooden love spoons. These spoons are carved with symbols of love, such as hearts and flowers.

Poetry games in Norway – In Norway, some people celebrate Valentine’s Day by playing poetry games. The game is called “Diktstafetten”, and it involves passing a poem around a circle of people. Each person reads one line of the poem, then passes it to the next person in the circle. This continues until the end of the poem is reached. The game is thought to originate from an old Norwegian tradition of young men and women writing love poems to each other. In modern times, the game is often played as a way to add some fun and excitement to Valentine’s Day celebrations. It can be a great way to get to know your friends or partner better, as you learn about their taste in poetry.

Love Spoons in Wales – Love spoons are a Welsh tradition dating back to the 17th century. They were originally carved from wood and given as gifts to young women by their admirers. The spoons would be carved with intricate designs and symbols that conveyed the man’s feelings for the woman. Today, love spoons are still given as gifts in Wales, but they are usually made of silver or other metals and can be quite ornate. In Estonia, some friends celebrate Valentine’s Day by going on a “friend date.” This is when two friends get together and do something special, like go out to eat or see a movie. It’s a way to show your friend that you care about them and appreciate their friendship. If you’re in Estonia and you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a friend, consider going on a friend date!

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