Wet Food Versus Dry Food For Cats: Find Out Which Is Best For Your Cat And Why

There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to cat food. Cat owners are responsible for selecting the best food from a number of different types and flavoursdeciding between dry and wet among several other considerations.

If you are a loving cat parent, at some point in time, you might have wondered which food type is better among wet and dry food, haven’t you? Well, they are both excellent choices for your feline. But you need to ensure the food you choose for your cat is 100 per cent nutritious, balanced, and complete for their lifestyle and age. Even though some cats prefer one type of food over the other, it is always best to feed them both. But if your cat is picky and you can only choose one type of food over the other, read on to find out which is best suited for your feline.

Dry Cat Food: Moisture Levels

The primary difference between wet and dry cat food is determined by the moisture content of the food. Dry food for cats contains approximately 10 per cent of water, and the remaining 90 per cent constitutes dry matter like fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

Wet Cat Food: Moisture Levels

Wet cat food contains more water—approximately 70 per cent—as opposed to dry food. It can be a vital determining factor for you when deciding which food you should provide to your cat.

Benefits of Dry Cat Food

The primary benefit of feeding dry food is its cost, ease, and convenience. Millions of cats around the world love feeding on dry food, and it promotes healthy, long lives. Dry cat food is good for free-feeding and does not perish easily—you can leave the food out for a prolonged time. Many cats like to graze their food all around the day instead of specific or fixed mealtimes, but if you feed wet food to your cat, you must establish fixed mealtimes for them. It is much easier to use dry food in the food dispenser, which is used as a way of causing mental stimulation to your cat.

Benefits of Wet Cat Food

Typically, wet cat food contains over 60 per cent moisture, and it is widely suggested by experts that feeding your wet cat food is considered more appropriate, as it offers water to their bodies rather than relying on their drinking habits. It has been suggested that dehydration in cats can be a massive risk factor responsible for causing several health hazards, including kidney disease. However, it also does not indicate that feeding dry food to your cat will inevitably result in worse or inadequate hydration.

Regardless of what food type you choose for your cat, it is essential to provide them with a commercial and well-balanced diet to provide all the necessary minerals and vitamins they require.


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