WFH ideas to make days productive

Take a break, set up your dedicated workspace and meet all your deadlines

It is not easy to sit at home and be productive in your office work at the same time. The comfort of home doesn’t always help in meeting deadlines. While we might have placed gadgets in one place for undivided attention, we often fall back. So best is to set up a dedicated work station with elements to inspire.

Window space
If the idea is to squeeze into an unused space in the house, opt for a space next to or in front of a window. It is important to let natural light enter the room for it will cut the strain on eyes from the computer and will keep you inspired. Push in a table to that corner in subtle colour and a comfortable chair for better working. Since a small space, make sure to unclutter the desk for better effects.

Find a corner
Corners are the best place to design and setup into a working space and every house definitely has one such corner. Opt for a simple and neat furniture layout with soothing colours complementing your existing space. Since pretty neglected spaces, by adding minimal furniture it gives the room volume and makes it lively at the same time. And if budget permits, add indoor plants, or install a wall-mounted work surface with shelves and cupboards.

Minimalism designing
Using a neutral color palette for furniture and walls, adding a plant and favorite art surrounding your desk helps boast you morally and spiritually. Most importantly, keep the walls clear of calendars and sticky notes and remove unused tools like punchers and fluorescent highlighters. And if you need the inspiration to strike hard, stick up a frame of your dream board to awaken your inner muse each morning.

Try the blending game
If the only space available is your living room the only way to make it work is through blending in with the environment and creating something likable. In the case of a traditional décor, a classic wooden desk and swivel chair is ideal. But if you wish to bring in some modern touch throw in some metal furniture or a sleek metal desk.

Important to remember
While we are setting up our work corners, it is necessary to position our equipment close to power outlets reducing the cluttering of cords and dust. And always add a touch of green. Plants are a core part of designing. Whether working in a corner or at the kitchen table, the presence of plants makes it calm.

There are plenty of ways to shine an office space inside the house. Channel your inner artist reflecting your unique personality or make do with modification in the traditional setting. The idea is to have fun.

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