WFH: Reduce Cyber Security Threats with These Tips

Work from home may have many advantages but it still comes with extra responsibilities

Since the COVID-19 pandemic stalled the world, work from home became the new normal. It’s been seven months and we are still working from home. With no report of a cure so far, it seems the chapter will go on for another six months or maybe a year.

Work from home may have many perks, but there are several added responsibilities. One of them is dealing with cybersecurity threats. If you are managing a system provided by your office, chances are that you will not encounter many threats as those systems are secured. However, the threats are high if you are handling your own personal device.

In this piece, we will share several tips that will help you to avoid cybersecurity threats while working from home.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is the most basic setting one should definitely apply in their system. Those who are not tech-savvy thinks that antivirus software only identifies a virus, but that’s not the whole truth.

Antivirus software saves a device from other hazards such as malware and spyware attacks, along with avoiding trojans and worms. It also reveals potential phishing scams.

Stay Updated

Many individuals tend to avoid software updates, but it is imperative to respect the updates as they detect and reinforce existing security flaws and safeguard the data.

Understanding and avoiding phishing attacks

Employees need to learn what is a phishing attack. Let us give you an example. Imagine you are surfing the web and suddenly you come across a pop-up advertisement which claims, “COVID-19 Vaccine Launched.” Given the ongoing plight, you are likely to click on the advertisement, which can prove fatal. You will be redirected to a malicious website and your data will be jeopardized. So, rely on your judgement and stay away from such advertisements or spam emails.

Using VPN 

Often people use VPN or Virtual Private Network just to access blocked sites. However, VPN serves another noble purpose. It protects your online privacy by encrypting internet traffic, which prohibits anyone from intercepting your online actions.

Buy a WebCam Slider

Since video conferences are majorly used these days to host office meetings, webcam slider is a small gadget that will secure your privacy. Hackers can easily remote access the webcam of your workstation without your learning. Hence, purchase a webcam slider to block the lens when not in use. In case you are using an external webcam; we recommend you to unplug it once done using.

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