Published By: Satavisha

What Are Some Of The Best Types of Paint For Bathroom Walls? A Comprehensive Guide

Transform your bathroom with a splash of fresh paint! Bid farewell to mold with the best paint finishes for your bathroom.

After an exhausting day at work, when you are relaxing in the tub, you would not want to rest your eyes on a wall with peeling paint—covered in mildew and mold. Decorating disasters are unfortunate, and one has to face it when they fail to choose the best paint finish for their walls. If you are planning to paint the walls of your bathroom, you must always consider the humid and damp conditions that may exist. Below are some of the best types of paints to choose from—for your bathroom walls.

Matte, Eggshell, or Flat Paint

Typically, these paint types are not ideal for bathrooms. However, there are some brands that produce premium matte or eggshell paints with moisture-resistant qualities and are suitable for adorning the walls of rooms with high humidity. Flat or matte paint will hide imperfections and flaws and is an economical option.

Full-Glossy or Glossy Paint

Glossy finish paints work best against moisture. They offer protection against humidity and can be cleaned easily—making them the best choice for bathroom trims, walls, and cabinets. Glossy paint is moisture-resistant and long-lasting.

Semi-Gloss Paint

Semi-gloss finish is very durable, low maintenance, easy to clean, mold-resistant, and moisture-resistant. But semi-gloss paint is not always the best pick for bathroom walls. It is best if you use semi-gloss paint on features like window frames, cabinet drawers, or the door.

Satin Paint

Satin sits somewhere between gloss and eggshell paints. It comes with a thin protective coating that makes it easier to clean as compared to no-sheen paints. Satin finish is a wonderful choice for your bathroom walls if you are trying to achieve a subtle glossy texture with the advantages of glossy paint. Satin Paint is more affordable—it offers a subtle sheen, does not have extreme reflective properties, is water-resistant, and can be used on trims, ceilings, and walls. The only disadvantage of satin finish is that it cannot be sanitized easily due to its glossy texture.

If you want to eliminate the problem of mold growth and moisture damage in your bathroom, it is best to nip the problem in the bud by opting for these paint finishes to resist moisture and beautify your space.