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What are sustainable development goals and why are they important?

“Sustainable development goals (SDG)” is the most talked-about thing in print media nowadays.

Ever wondered why there is so much concern over a better world by 2030? This was prompted by the formation of sustainable development goals in 2015. Believe it or not, people on the earth are facing some serious threats due to rapid climate change, food, and water crisis, and so on. If you are concerned about your life on earth, do not skip this article as “we are on this together”.

What are SGDs?

Considering the upcoming threats on people’s lives, most UNESCO nations have signed an agreement for a better world ahead. Some agendas are formulated for the overall upliftment of human lives. There are 17 goals to achieve during this decade (2020-2030). They are listed below.

Goal 1: No poverty. Every nation has suffered from extreme poverty, and there are several other developing nations still fighting against it. Thus, the complete eradication of poverty is a crucial factor.

Goal 2: Zero hunger. Providing food security to every person on the earth is the second aim.

Goal 3: Good health and proper well-being. Considering the increeaing disease occurrence, awareness regarding proper healthy life style should is focussed.

Goal 4:Proper education. The most important building block for any nation is education system, so educating every person is important.

Goal 5: Gender equality. This was planned for providing equal rights to everyone. One major attribute of this objective is women’s empowerment.

Goal 6:Clean water and sanitation. Water is the other name of life, no one can survive without water. With the rapid rise in pollution levels, providing safe water is a crucial aim for sustainable development.

Goal 7:Affordable and clean energy. Energy is the driving force of the nation, with increasing energy demand, it was formulated to provide clean and renewable energy to every nation.

Goal 8: Proper work and economic growth. Overall socio-economic growth of any nation is focused on this objective.

Goal 9: Infrastructure, innovation, and industry. The industrial sector should grow properly to focus on innovation and new infrastructure. Sustainable industrialization is the key to a better world.

Goal 10:Inequality reduction. This was framed to remove the income discrimination among people in the work sector.

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities. This was based on sustainable urbanization with a better transport system and community structure.

Goal 12:Responsible Consumption and Production. With depleting levels of natural resources, the focus should be provided on minimalize the use and restoring them to a certain level.

Goal 13: climate action. Believe it or not, climate change is happening at an alarming rate, and proper care should be taken to save our mother nature.

Goal 14: life below water. Often we forget about the vastness and importance of marine life. They need proper care as without them we won’t be able to survive.

Goal 15: life on land. Protection of biodiversity in the terrestrial environment is our job. The wildlife along with plant diversity must be kept for a better world.

Goal 16:Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. We deserve to live in a peaceful society, so overall societal development is focussed on this objective.

Goal 17:Partnerships for the Goals. No one nation can fight against the global problem. All the nations should come forward and help each other for a better world.

A better world can be attained only by a collaborative approach to fight against obstacles. You can also contribute to a good cause. Overall socio-economic growth needs proper attention from people of all sectors.

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