What Are The 5 Alarming Impacts Of Added Sugar On Our Body?

Consuming a lot of fructose-containing fruits can also harm our body, just like added sugar!

Sugar is probably one of mankind’s most harmful inventions if ever mentioned. Eating sugar is so harmful to our health that giving up sugar can increase life expectancy by 30 years!

Alarming Impacts Of Added Sugar On Our Health

We consume sugar in a variety of forms in our daily life. If not directly, we ingest it when we eat packaged foods, packaged juices, and soft drinks. Even most ‘healthy’ snacks and drinks contain large amounts of sugar. When we consume too much sugar, our body starts producing triglycerides which lead to various serious diseases. Refined sugar alone is responsible for 14 serious diseases, from heart damage to high blood sugar levels.

Damaged Heart

Consuming too much sugar causes serious digestive problems in our bodies. And if the metabolic system is damaged, our heart is negatively affected. Sugar consumption is mainly associated with poor metabolism, which impairs cardiovascular function.

Poor Gut Health

Since sugar is so harmful to the digestive system and metabolic function, consuming sugary drinks and foods removes beneficial bacteria from our system. As a result, our immune system can become weak. Also, poor gut health means we have more cravings for high-carbohydrate foods. This impacts the absorptive power of the digestive system, which eventually leads to irregular bowel conditions.


Because sugar plays an important role in how the insulin hormone works in our body, metabolism is compromised. A damaged metabolism system is one of the main causes of cancer in the pancreatic area.


We all know how sugar is responsible for excess weight gain in the human body. People who consume large amounts of sugar on a daily basis accumulate a visible amount of visceral fat. Not only is this fat harmful to attaining good health, but it’s also very difficult to lose. Sugar affects the digestive system and impairs the normal absorption of minerals and vitamins in the food, resulting in nutrient deficiencies in the body. In addition, sugar consumption increases cravings for more sugary foods, leading to fatty liver and obesity.


This is one of the lesser known yet very adverse side effects of consuming sugar. The polycystic ovarian syndrome occurs in women of childbearing age due to resistance to the insulin hormone. Also, excess weight gain from sugar consumption has a more negative impact on this concern. The polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the leading causes of infertility in women. Not only that, if not diagnosed and treated on time, women with Polycystic ovarian syndrome may develop cervical cancer at a later age.

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