What Are The Benefits Of Women Empowerment In Society?

The protection of women’s rights benefits the entire human race.

The goal of women’s empowerment is to establish women’s self-esteem in society, to create a sense of self-worth and to assure self-reliance. Behind the overall development of an entire nation and country lies the immense significance of women’s empowerment. Women’s empowerment ensures a smooth and healthy life for every woman. Women who lead those safe and healthy lives have the opportunity to make the most of their potential and capacity. They can strengthen their self-development and the economic structure of the country by reflecting their skills in the workplace. The role of women empowerment is also very strong in inculcating the idea of ​​gender equality in the children of the next generation.

The Path To Women’s Empowerment Enriches The Entire History Of Humanity:

The long struggle for women’s empowerment constructed a sense of equality between men and women by expanding and ensuring women’s right to self-determination over their own lives, livelihoods and biological needs. Many women of the present day have finally got a chance to come out of the house and live their own life as a result of the long struggle. However, the struggle for women’s rights continues. The patriarchal capitalist system still wants to keep these women as free domestic servants or cheap laborers. Protesting women around the world are uniting against this. Women who have benefited from this fight for women’s equality are trying to inspire the rest of the world’s backward women today. This concerted effort to empower women as one of the most significant events of modern times will always enrich the history of human civilization. The empowerment of women has resulted in the emphasis on women’s perspectives and voices in political, economical and social context.

Economic Self-Reliance:

As a result of women’s empowerment, women have achieved unprecedented success in obtaining financial independence. Challenging the notion of gender inequality in the workplace, women are now stepping out of the domestic fold and setting up unprecedented examples in their professional lives according to their own qualifications and interests. Today women are flying planes, teaching in schools, doing medical work or being chief executives of huge multinational companies. This financial success of women is helping to increase the national income of the country. The path of development of our human race is being widened by increasing the productivity and efficiency of the country. This is the revolutionary result of women’s empowerment.

Women’s Emancipation:

As a result of women’s empowerment, the perception of self-awareness has emerged among women. This struggle for women’s empowerment has awakened the consciousness of women’s right to their own body. This realization of self-worth has made women aware of domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. It is this notion of women’s empowerment that has undermined the prejudice against gender inequality and spread the ideology of gender equality.

Social Justice:

For thousands of years, women have been oppressed, disrespected and exploited in patriarchal societies. As a result of the struggle for women’s empowerment, women are now able to enjoy equal opportunities with men at the social level.  As an outcome of feminism and women’s empowerment, women today have the opportunity to assert their rights to education, the right to vote, legal benefits, and ancestral property. The ideology of women’s empowerment has definitely protected the basic tenets of human rights that have so far been scarce and non-attainable to women.

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