What are the harmful effects of poor posture?

Poor posture can truly become your nightmare if not prevented in an earlier stage.

Since childhood, you might have heard about sitting and standing in a straight position. Despite being a good manner, it has some important health benefits too. If you ignore this advice, then you will definitely face repercussions. Bad posture is nothing but staying at an abnormal pose which has bad consequences on your health. From daily office routine to binging web series on weekends, people forget to follow healthy posture. The serious consequences are described in this article. Go through the article to know more.

Back pain:

Back pain is regarded as one of the most common side effects of poor posture. It is mostly associated with the pain in upper and lower regions of the back. Sometimes it is so bad that you cannot even stand straight. Often after a hectic day at office, you feel enormous back pain. This might be an indication of poor posture during work.

Spine curvature:

The spinal cord possesses a unique shape. But continuous poor posture can cause a change in this shape. Spending excessive time on a chair or bed may lead to this painful situation. The spinal cord is not only important for posture but also responsible for neural transmission. Once affected due to poor posture can lead to serious consequences. Spondylitis is one such condition caused by bad posture. Continuous working in front of the computer screen or bad lying position causes it.

Headache and neck pain:

Often people neglect headaches as they think that, this might be due to workload or pressure. But, headache is one of the first signs of poor posture. It is sometimes associated with neck pain. When you sleep more or sit for a long duration, you might feel some neck pain. Never neglect your neck pain. When your bones and muscles cannot take much strain, they cause irritational feeling in the neck and forehead region.

Poor digestive health:

Not only a bad diet can harm your digestion, but poor posture can also have detrimental effects on digestive health too. Bad posture negatively impacts the digestive organs and results in improper bowel movement.

Abnormal blood circulation:

Blood circulation supplies oxygen to every organ of your body for proper functioning. When you are lying or sitting in bad posture, blood circulation hampers. When oxygen does not reach sufficiently to the organs, it starts malfunctioning.

The problem in the nervous system:

Unlike other animals, nerves spread throughout the human body. Once you lie in improper pose, the nerve function gets impacted. The signal transmission gets hampered due to this. As the spine holds numerous nerve endings, when there is any problem in the spine, it leads to a neural problem also.

So, you must focus on good posture. You should consult an expert if you are facing extreme problems due to this.

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